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Brandon Clark, the assistant manager at Costco in Louisville, is a discredit to the Costco brand. I have been a Costco shareholder and Executive Club Member for over 10 years, and until this morning, I have been a great fan of all of Costco's employees. Consequently, I was shocked to be treated with utter disdain by assistant manager Clark. However, other reviews confirm that Mr. Clark's rude and dismissive behavior is a chronic problem. Because feedback on Yelp will have little or no effect on Mr. Clark's bad behavior, I encourage anyone who... Read more

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Costco sells plenty of tires but they should post a notice that they have very little interest in standing behind the maintenance agreement. No matter what time I go, the tire center is always thinly staffed and I’m told they either can’t rotate the tires because there are too many people ahead of me or it will be at least an hour and nobody is there. They will take an appointment Monday thru Friday between 1 and 4:00pm. Of course, when everyone works – how inconvenient! I really wonder what would happen if I showed up with a leaking or flat... Read more

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I have been a member for a very long time and now finding that as the memberships rises so does the prices and the products are getting worse The lamb kabobs are all Grissle the shrimp are freezer burnt the scallops have gone way up in price along with many other items Costco used to be with American Express and I guess they quit with them because they charge a fee so now they are with master card Nd so if they are releived from. Fee then they should reduce t he consumer from high membership fees Read more

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We were in front of the store waiting to park our car, as a space was being vacated, there were no cars behind us. The person at the front door of the store who was checking in customers ran out and yelled through our window to move our car. She was loud and hostile. We then proceeded to park our car within a minute or so This women who was checking customers coming in, has been horrible before always being bossy and getting after the customers. This was it for us, I made a verbal complaint to one of the managers. He was very nice and... Read more

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We were treated in the store horribly with a load voice that could be heard by every one near us in the store the manager their almost got placed under civilian arest for trying to snatch a card from some other customers hand . If some of the folks at this store don't like their job they should simply quite and not take it out on others their to shop , with out customers you wouldn't have a coast co , that manager needs to be replaced for coastco's sake .."..............................The man who was going to arest the manager said he may... Read more

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  • Apr 14
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Just a quick question...why has Costco started putting lacquer on the limes? Makes them look fake not appealing and bad for those of us that juice. Will not buy. Add comment

On 4/11/16 I was looking at TV's at Costco (Woodland Hills, CA) with my neighbor just prior to their closure, they rolled down the overhead entrance door (next to the TV display) and placed a barrier across the normally open pathway to the adjacent exit door. Since I had made no purchase, I exited the door immediately next to the (closed) entrance door, unaware that it would set-off an alarm. (I saw no sign indicating that it was an emergency exit.) The alarm went off and my neighbor and I were immediately "swarmed" by a group of Costco... Read more

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  • Apr 12
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Went to a Costco today because they have online you can use credit cards well online it says they would take them April first got my stuff went up to counter they tell me it's been moved up till June so I left my stuff in cart and left embarrassed did somebody think to change this online thanks a heap Add comment

Don't buy electronics. If they go bad during the warranty period, Costco will put you off for more than 30 days in hopes you will buy a replacement. Costco gave us a song and dance for over a month regarding repair or replacement. They did neither! Eventually my hubby and I decided to purchase a replacement TV, albeit, we did not give Costco the money, instead we went to a competitor to buy. It really ticks me off. We have been members for many years, spend a ton at their store and this is the ONLY time we ever asked for refund, replacement or... Read more

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I am so disappointed at the service we received at the American Fork UT Costco location. We are frequenters of the Orem location, but thought we would give the American Fork location a try as it is closer to us now. However, we will not be going back to this location. We arrived only a few minutes after closing and only needed a few specific things for an event we were having the next day. We were VERY RUDELY turned away even though there were still a lot of customers in the store and the door was still open. I understand the frustration at... Read more

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