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Went to Costco today at greenwood Indiana. So excited! I've gotten people to join. I loved it so much. Went to the entrance to find out they just take Visa. Done going back to Sams. Slap in the face for loyal customers.

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bought food item online they gave me a tracking number ups that went no where never shipped from ups and blamed me and said i stole it and go to my neighbors house to check and see if they got it but it never shipped the proof is in the tracking number, the item is still in stock online and no back order is present and has never been back ordered to date by the customer reps, they keep on giving me the run around said will ship again 2 days than... Read more

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I understand as of today Costco no longer excepts American Express Cards, just Visa. I have been a very happy American Express Card holder for 30 + years. My thoughts are, "Bad Move" on their part. Costco may save a percent or two on American Express fees but at a cost of consumer business. I for one will not be a loyal Costco customer anymore and they can save that small percentage on a lot of nothing. There are other wearehouse club stores... Read more

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I had very bad experience in Salem, Oregon Costco this afternoon at around 5 PM on 06/18/2016. She had threw the Chicken packet I had purchased. And she yelled at me for not putting the chicken (two- already in the bag) in the in the plastic bag. I didn't realized that was mandatory. Nobody ever told me to put in plastic bag before. I have never get yelled like this in my life. And this Cashier Name Boby had showed her attitude repeatedly in... Read more

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Being that Costco is such a large company, one would think that their business executives would have some sort of brains. Well, in my case that proved to be false. Costco could help their sales by offering day passes to those who do not have a membership. You figure if they like it they will get a membership. Worst comes to worst, they spent a few bucks in the store as well as money for the day pass. But this is my story... I went to the Costco... Read more

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  • Jun 15
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I have been buying kirkland jeans for a long time and now I have to quit buying them because the material has changed and is not compatable with my skin. They are not levi material and should not be called so. This is not kirkland quality. Kirkland jeans were by far the best around. Having many pairs I know their quality and the new jeans are not up to kirkland standards.

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They are not responsible for the damage their shopping carts, which are parked in the driveway, did to my vehicle because the problem may have been caused by another customer. If the carts had been parked out of the driveway it wouldn't have happened, but I guess the sales of hot dogs which caused them to enclose the area that would have been used for storage was more important than their customers. Now I'm stuck with a repair bill that they... Read more

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Costco-Brooklyn- Sunset Park On May 25 2016, I had stood on line for 1 hour, maybe, when it was my turn to pay my banking card did not go through and requested that the clerk calls the bank. The banking card expires this month so it still works. What the sales clerk did was void the whole purchase and told the other worker to return my products. She did not talk to me or explain, she just shooed me away. She refused to talk to me and started... Read more

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Why pay this company a membership fee to be treated poorly and get horrible service. My wife was not allowef to purchase with my card on her day off. I have a hard time finding fruits made in USA. Many items are old and expired. Walk a mile to park and anything to buy. Buy more than you need. Food gets old and rotten. Wait forever to check out. A bunch of workers walikng around but no cashiers. Then be treated likd a criminal to lrleave the... Read more

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After 20 years and probably 50k in business, the Juneau store literally turned away my business so we are canceling our household membership. It was eye opening... The long lines and poor experience are not worth paying for and I find as good or better prices shopping sales in town. I was naive to think they even care about my purchases.... If you study the company, it reveals it all. They do not make much on sales, but 75 percent of profits... Read more

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