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Our 50th wedding anniversary party was an outdoor barbecue hosted by our son and his wife on August 13, 2016. A BBQ chef supplied the chicken and the salmon -- they were very good. Our son and I bought two whole beef strip loins at Costco's Port Coquitlam BC location. Our son cut the strip loins into one-and-a-half-inch and two-inch steaks but found we needed another to make 50 steaks, so we bought another whole strip loin at Costco's Burnaby BC... Read more

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I can tell you personally this year, 2016, I had someone on the management team try to get me a management job by presenting my resume peronally to HR after I applied on company website. The HR woman told him to his face that she would not hire a woman into a management level position because women have families to take care of and are not as committed to working, are more likely to call out of work and miss time to take care of families.... Read more

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Purchased a foam mattress from Costco, they shipped it Fedex. It arrived this morning, I watched and heard the 2 employees whining about bringing the 100lb box to the door! So i walked down to the street signed for the dam thing and dragged the box to my house myself! OMG, get a life people, and do your job! So how many Fedex employees does it take to deliver a box?... apparently none if you want your stuff! The consumer has to pay the high... Read more

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I called the new visa credit card customer service number and asked if there was a foreign transaction fee. He said there wasn't any. After my trip I noticed they charged my card a 3% foreign transaction fee! I called again and all they said was, not our fault if you were misled by one of our agents! and the lady hanged up on me! Way to go Costco! Way to go City bank! Next Time I go on a trip I will use my Sams club credit card. I asked them and... Read more

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I purchased an amethyst band ring from Costco online. After three months most of the stones fell out of the ring. When I returned it to Carmel Mtn. store in Rancho Bernardo, CA, the manager told me he didn't believe my story and that it could not have happened the way I said. I have been a Costco member for many years and spent thousands of dollars there and have never returned anything. I am beyond insulted by the way the manager spoke to... Read more

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  • Aug 10
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I just bought a unit from honeys heating and air that I talked to at your store I was told I would get a 250.00 Costco card when in fact when they came to my house they sold me a different unit that don't qualify for the gift card very irritated

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  • Aug 08
  • #896552

I slipped and fell today outside the Waipio store. The last time I almost did today after getting our pizzas I limped away

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The last 3 times I have bought meat pork and ground beef i get it home and its bad and only to find out they have double and triple labeled the meat. I spoke with them on Friday after i brought up 3 packages this way and the CS lady said this wasnt the first time she has dealt with this problem. Well hello tell the store manager and fix the issue. Someone can get very ill and possibly die from bad meat. And to top things off its against the law... Read more

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I purchased an extended warrantees for myself and my wife purchasing cell phones at Costco in Holbrook,. January this year. In April my phone died and I called up Square Trade and they said they will replace the phone but I must send it back fast or be charged for the phone. My wife upon receiving my phone put on the appropriate stickers on the package. but didn't realize it should have gone fed Ex, we mailed it back via the post office but... Read more

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Visit there today I had a cart full but it was going to be two separate transactions so when woman came to take stuff out I politely said that's ok I have a lot and it's two different transactions she made a face and turned around and threw up her hands to say whatever ! She was so *** rude and the cashier Lori? Was laughing which I fell to mention!!! I reported it to a front manager but I bet nothing gets done ! I should have cussed both out... Read more

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