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I think costco is a nice store. I like their easy return policy and customers should ask to clarify possible scenarios to avoid painful memories. There are people who get attached to jewelry because it represents a wonderful memory (wedding), and I have to admit that I am one of them. And because I know I am that way, I like to make sure I pay extra money to preserve my antiques. Like getting...

I don't have alot of money, so when I saw fresh Salmon at a price evev I could afford I purchased it. What a disappointment. The texture was very bizarre, didn't taste much like Salmon, now I'm stuck with 3 more slices I put in the freezer

  • 22 hours ago
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Positive Experience
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Booking was smooth and they we did the detailed check in with the cruise line. Costco saved us a lot of money, helped us select good rooms, and even offered an additional on board credit that could be refunded if not used. It was in out bank account before we got home. THANKS Costco. We are booking two more trips for 2015, and they will be through COSTco. Remember it is like shopping at... Read more

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  • 23 hours ago
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Mayfield Heights, Ohio
  • Book
  • 1

Everyone who complained about the *** book "America" being taken off the shelves: I GUARANTEE you didn't go out and buy it. Wah wah wah. They don't sell every book. They listened to their shoppers and put it back out to sell. I love Costco! Great return policy. Great company that knows how to treat their employees well. Guess what!? You can even return your membership. SO, instead of... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Poway, California
  • Car Wash

I had my Chevy Silverado Truck washed at the Poway, Ca Costco car wash. Drove home after car wash and the next morning I notice scratches on and off done the side of my Truck (top of bed). The evening after work I went back and filed a report and the Manager took photo's and apologized for the issue. Two days later their claims dept took the report call me and said we will look in to the issue... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Santa Clarita, California
  • Wrongfully Prescribed Ointment
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  • 5

When picking up presc I was given the wrong ointment. I did not realize until after I was home..I did get the right ointment but was refused a refund on the wrong ointment.I never took it out of the box so it was not even touched by me!!! I love Costco. Costco is really good with all returns.. I was upset left & went shopping at Sam's spending over $200.00 which I would have at Costco..I... Read more

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ok..I will tell you that as a demonstrator at Costco... we have had our hours cut...thus less "sample ppl" on the floor due to too many ppl sampling and not buying the product.. vendors don't have money to feed the public without a decent return...thus pulling events

  • Jul 18
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Springfield, Virginia
  • Theft Accuse
  • 2
  • 37

I was waiting for my girlfriend to get off work. I had been at a local Mcdonald's using my lap top. I have never been in a Costco before, i was wearing a back pack which had my laptop inside. I browsed around the store i was looking at some electronics.Costco employees followed me around the store the entire time i was there. As im leaving out they ask to search my bag, they see my laptop. they... Read more

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  • Jul 17
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Poor Service
  • 3
  • 50

I am a vegan, so when I asked for a pizza at Costco, I asked for no cheese. The person taking my order told me she couldn't do that if I didn't get a manager to okay it. Note that I had to find a manager, she couldn't call one over. So I dutifully went to where the manager was standing by the computer and asked if I could order pizza without cheese. He laughed at me (and I mean an actual,... Read more

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  • Jul 17
  • Online Shopping
  • Kihei, Hawaii
  • Toshiba Computer
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  • 27

After many other problems with Costco for the past few years the company that use to be customer orientated is now self serving, anti American, and plain and simple deceitful. First the pulling of America is a disgrace to all of us, the political agenda spewed by Costco is shameful and embarrassing. Second I purchased a Toshiba computer on line , what a huge mistake, it was troubled from the... Read more

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