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The auto program did not provide any discounts. They would not insure my car if I carried tools in the back. The prices are not worth the 2% discount when you pay $110 to be a member. Gas prices were not cheaper. I could not purchase anything because they would not accept Visa. So hundreds of dollars worth of product sat in my cart as they let me just walk out the door. I feel like such a valued... Read more

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Costco - False Information Inside and Outside of the BOX
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I purchased Real COCO coconut water today from COSTCO. The nutritional values outside the box and inside on each container of coconut water is different. IT has more sodium than mentioned outside on the box and less potassium. Feel cheated for having blind trust on COSTCO products. I don't know if whatever we buy from COSTCO is of quality that they mention outside on the box. Very... Read more

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Cashiers are so nasty, they have no clue on how to provide customer service . I was at the Port Chester location today the cashier grabbed the fruit and slide it so hard that the fruit got smashed her name is Theresa P countless times I've been at this location and everytime I go I have to deal with the nasty cashiers that work there. They need some serious customer service classes. Add comment

For the 6th time today I attempted to get gas at the 138th Ave store in Portland, Or. For the sixth time my card could not be read. This has happened 6 times - I have had an attentant tell me that this has been a problem for several people for some time. Today the guy said well they are supposed to get new machines in a month or so. I have also had one person tell me that I could go inside... Read more

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A friend and I order 2 Snuggledown duvets from Costco's online store in January 2016 using my friend's Costco account. We waited 2 weeks before we got a delivery, despite being promised 3-5 days. This was largely down to an incomplete address being supplied to the delivery company. Just looking at the parcel gave us a sinking feeling. Sure enough, there only one duvet present. This was... Read more

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I rented a car using Costco's travel service. Part of the promotion was a $20 gift card. I was to be mailed the card six weeks after returning the rental car. The $20 gift card never arrived. This was about ten weeks after returning the car. I called Costco. They apologized and said they would mail the card right away. The card never arrived ... again. It's been three months now! I think... Read more

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Tires from Costco don't last. They wear out before the warranty and even Costco doesn't care or help solve the issue. Had to pay to replace one bad tire, then had to replace the other 3 bad tires later anyway. With only half of their warranty period used up, Costco still would not prorate them, switch them out, or refund our money. Never again. One should buy real tires (Costco has these low... Read more

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My sister and I went to Costco to purchased a new shelving unit and room divider for our home. First, we were unable to find any employees to help assist us in lifting the VERY heavy item onto a cart. When we finally went to the front registers and found someone to help, they sent a condescending man who refused to put any real effort into lifting the box. We had to do it ourselves with onlookers... Read more

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PUBLICpublished review 1/28/16 Afriend of mine had raved about how great Costco is for years. I never thought to join as it's just me and buying in bulk for one person seemed silly, but she told me you could get great deals on laptops, electronics, etc too so I decided to join because I saw that they had a good sale on a laptop I was looking to purchase. Now I purchase most everything online, so... Read more

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I would like to suggest to have a warning sign at check out stations if particular station will change cashier or will have any other service (like counting cash etc.) at least 5 ~ 10 minutes ahead to spare time of people in the line. On January 26, 2016 at 3180 Laird Road Mississauga location, 6 pm, I wasted 10 minutes in line waiting for changing cashier. When I expressed that I have wasted my... Read more

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