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We are loyal Costco members and purchase most everything there. I bought some of your Kirkland brand jeans and lost the receipt.

I had purchased them at a Costco that I do not usually frequent. I went to the Costco on Market in San Diego and went back there to trade 2 of the 6 I had for a different size. I Informed the salesperson at the desk, however she could not find them in the system, which I do not understand since I had only bought them about 1month ago. She eventually requested help from her manager.

He too can't find the jeans. He then got the store manager to look in the system. The store manager instructed him not to take them back. I then asked to speak with her she can't find the jeans either though the dog food I purchased at that time they could find.

After about an hour, I'm extremely upset, people are staring at me, I'm being treated as if I stole the jeans. I don't know if they think I'm trying to make a profit from 2 pairs of Kirkland jeans,but that is how I feel with their inappropriate treatment. I took my jeans and left but not before going into the store snd buying the new size jeans. I then encountered the Store Manager in the parking lot and procedeed to go off on her.

Cars were stopping to stare. She then decided she would be able to return $14.00 jeans. What kind of Customer Service is that? Costco has always prided themselves for their return policy.

This is a known fact amongst all Costco customers. well this extremely loyal Costco would like to thank you for the CRAPPYcustomer service, and the embarrasing way I was treated!

Any other info you would like please contact me personnally. Sincerely Gustavo Rey 619-804-8364.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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I call BS. It never would've gotten that far up the ladder.

Costco takes returns without receipts and from people that did not purchase the item (a gift for example). Costco knows what they sell and would've just looked the item up and given you your cash or put it back on your Amex.

Those pants wouldn't have been hard to look up, Costco's only sold them for years as the same item #. SMH


hey what size are they ? If there the mexican jeans I'll buy them