Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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I purchased the 24 pack organic eggs marked large Kirkland Organic eggs. These eggs should be marked SMALL.

They look like the were laid by a hummingbird. Come on Costco get real.I hate it when they think the public is ***.You can't cook or bake with an egg that small and spoils your the outcome and wastes my money.You have to use two eggs instead of one.Small not medium, not large.I hate to make a long trip just to return eggs.Make the package with a true size or change the eggs to large please.

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Those packages are clear.

You can see the size of the eggs clearly....


if your not happy with Costco,,you can always take the product back,,they dont ask questions and are always courteous!,, dont complain, just do it.. and get what you want elsewhere! ,)


Can't you open the carton before you buy it and see what size the eggs are? I do it all the time when buying eggs to make sure none are cracked.


As they are organic, and the chickens are not fed antibiotics, hormones and filler, it is common sense to acknowledge that these are in fact, the size that eggs are supposed to be. Have you not live in the US where they genetically modify all your food, you might notice. You should be worried about the giant eggs you buy elsewhere and what they do to your health.


I raised chickens in my twenties. My eggs were hugh and had great flavor.

No hormones or fillers. Small does not mean good.


What happened to your chickens then?