Madison, Wisconsin
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Everytime i go into costco they always got really good deals. i love to buyin bulk.

i always get those three foot tall bottles of ketchup when they go on sale. i speshly love their tubs a Tang. mmmm i luv me some that Tang. I cood tell ya storis about Tang.

but thats not why im writing in. i was there the other day and i saw a 5 pack of couches! It was right next to the tang isle so ya no its good! I thought to myself "perfict!" two birds with one stone!

and so i bought me some Tang and that 5 pack of couches! But if that was where the story ended i wouldn't be rightin in here wood i? But when i get home, two of the couches wurnt in my car. Wear did my couches go?

i dint pay that incredible price for two other people to be sitting for free or maybe even one really fat guy. when i went back in to tell the store owner that two of his employees or maybe even one really greedy one had taken my couches, he told me that he didn't care. he said "There aint no refunds at costco and if you can't keep track of your couches after you leave the store then thats not my fault." Do you believe that? I felt totally taken advantage of.

like when you go monster truck rally and they don't even smash enuf stuff. I think you got a COUCH THIEVIN RING in that store there! If i don't get my couches back i may never feel safe enuf to shop there ever again.

Then where will i buy my Tang and ketchup? Where?

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Son, don't quit your day job (if you even have one).


this is possibly the greatest thing written on the internet.


i fell on the floor. jesus some people are so *** i cant help but laugh.


hahahahha XD


I almost pissed myself laughing