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I bought a 40" Samsung TV on 2/4/18 just in time for a Superbowl party. I wasn't one of those customers that was going to use it and return it, I actually researched for the best TV and was going to augment our current 10yo Panasonic TV. This TV would be used it for special kids activities and selmdom used as we don't normally watch TV that much. Sporting events such as MLB TV and NFL games for the most part. This TV would be a basement TV hardly ever used.

I just went to turn on the TV to stream a CWS playoff baseball game for my son while he was hitting off the tee in the basement. (The TV is protected from balls). When I switched it on, there was a 2" vertical line 4" from the right side of screen. I immediately asked my sons and daughter who broke the TV?! Even though it is protected, if someone were to throw a ball or other object at the TV, I could see it breaking. After several minutes of questioning and them confessing to nearly hitting the TV with a ping pong ball once, I summed that they truly did NOT hit the TV.

Slightly upset at this point, I tried to look through the TV menu and research online what the issue could be. Ran into the self diagnosis for the display in the menu and did the power reset and factory reset all to no avail.


At this point, I have a TV that is broken. I found the receipt and extended warranty through square trade and gathered the box and all documents and started packing away the TV. I took the TV back to costco, thinking in my mind this is a brand new TV which had less than 10hrs of operation in its life. I have the original receipt and all packing and warrantee information, it should go smoothly.

Not so much.

Once I got to Costco they referred me to their return policy being 90 days(Its been 126 days, 36 days past).

An ASIDE: [So I bought a 5 year extended warranty for $30, it only good for year 3-5] The TV didn't even last 6 months!!!!

I explained that i didn't want a return, just an exchange. They stated their policy states after 90 days it must go through the Concierge service.

I work in customer service, this IS NOT a service.

After this was stated, I called the concierge line from Costco and they explained how the process will work. I didn't like this outcome at all since I would essentially be left with a new....but repaired TV for the $380 I paid for it. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Under no fault of the customer, the TV dies, the customer is requesting an EXCHANGE! The answer is no.

I was irritated and explained that due to this I would like to pull my Costco membership. Several people came to the counter trying to get me to keep my membership. I explained that after over 15 years of being a customer, this lack of customer service is not up to my standard for the amount I spend there. THEY REFUSED to cancel my membership. The lady stated that if my experience was still unacceptable that I could call this marketing manager gal and she would make sure it was satisfactory. I WANTED TO END my membership with them, they did not allow it.

Summing this up quickly. After returning home with TV and running through diagnostics with concierge on the phone, which I had already done on my own, I was told to take my new TV to a repair shop 50 miles away. The repair shop that i spoke to on the phone today said it would be 5-7 working days before repairs could be completed on the TV and more if parts needed to be ordered.

I have yet to take it to the shop. I will update this if I can as to the outcome of this *** service and I will be calling to remove our family name forever from the potential Costco memberships for the foreseeable future.

***If I was an unethical person, I could have bought another TV exactly like the one that I had that was defective. Swap the boxes and returned the bad TV and kept the good one. BUT, I am an ethical person and was trying to give Costco the benefit of the doubt. I knew it would be a long shot for a return since their policy was 90 days, but exchange?!***

Product or Service Mentioned: Samsung Electronics Mu6290 Tv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $376.

Preferred solution: Exchange for another TV. Or refund..

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Huh... i had an 18 month old tv that my kid shorted out with a wet sponge trying to "help mommy clean" that we had purchased from Costco...

ni bix, no receipt. Their cinsierge repairman came out to the house, determined the lcd had shorted out... brought a replacement a week later and it cost me nothing. Seems to me if your kids confessed to a pingping ball hitting it, rather than determining they hadn't actually done it, I would assume your kids did in fact break it.

Thats what kids do-- they break things...

mine will lie like little rugs to get out of trouble and will eventually cinfess-- BUT they would NEVER confess to something they didn't do to shut me up... It sounds like your issue isnt their service-- it is the timing if things.


Same thing happened to me they have turned into joke as far as "customer service"