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An 8900 XPS Dell computer should be a great computer right? Well if you buy it from Costco it surely isn't.

1. It was advertised as a Windows 10 Professional OS but came with Windows 7 7 professional. They did however send a disk win Win 10 pro and then a few days later gave a discount of $100 so other than the hassle of setup it wasn't a huge deal.

2. I couldn't get a 2nd monitor to work. After 2 days of playing with settings,, cord changes and testing with other HDMI computers to check 2nd screen and an internet search of the video card, I find out it has an antique and basically worthless video card with complaints from as far back as 2012. I swapped out the card with an old one I had cannabilized a couple years ago and got the 2nde monitor working. This was a huge hassle but still not costly.

3. Now it appears the power supply is too weak. The 2nd screen only works after reboot for a while. Guess I'll spend the $100 they rebated to me on a new card and power supply.

4. I'm not going to return it but I probably should, who knows what other gremlins are inside this box. My next and future purchases will be again directly from Dell, saving a couple hundred bucks just wasn't worth the headaches!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: None.

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Maybe check the specs of a pc before you buy. If you want to run two monitors make sure the machine has adequate hardware. I'm baffled that you are technically inclined enough to swap video cards but can't be bothered to read the back of the box


Baffles huh? I assumed too much and trusted Costco too much is all.

It's operating flawlessly now and I didn't have to get another power supply.

I did however plug in a powered USB stacker and that fixed all other issues. I'm happy with the final results and cost savings but I imagine their are plenty of computer illiterate people out there that are returning this to Costco.


At least you sound as if you are able to fix these problems quite well unlike many people who buy computers, tho it appears you were more concerned with the price of the computer than the specs contained within, eg., power supply, graphics card, etc. It happens.

Personally, I would never buy a Dell anymore nor will I "upgrade" to Win 10. Windows 7 works well for me and I have tweaked it to my specs.

Like many, I just don't trust MS anymore and even less after reading about some of the nefarious privacy methods they are employing on Win 10. Good luck tho.