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Stopping by three different Costco's in the greater Atlanta, GA area I've noticed the lines to leave the store after purchasing goods are intolerable. Costco is insulting the customers by expecting them to wait for a employee to "check" the receipt.

Profiling all customers as shoplifters is inexcusable.

I just stood in line to purchase my goods and now I need to stand in another to "Prove" I just purchased the same goods not 10 minutes prior? Absolutely not. I've restored to just bypassing the exit line, staring the Costco employee/bouncer down. If they say anything I reply with a curt "No thank you" and keep walking.

Retail employees are not Law Enforcement. And walking by them is not illegal. I do not answer to retail employees.

Also the Inventory assets and protection system should suffice.

Respond if an alarm is triggered THEN check a suspicious Customer. Do not assume we are all thieves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The facts don’t lie, the average warehouse employees checking receipts find about 30-50 items daily missed by cashiers, or items double charged. Very insulting protecting their point of sale...


Costco's CASH CARD is not a cash card, it is an in store DEBIT CARD that can be used only when making purchases. This forces one to use their Visa card and loose the 2% cash back reward that you are entitled to.

If they gave you cash before making the actual purchase they would loose the 2%. Limiting the use to make purchases only we loose the 2%


It's obvious that the OP, {{REDACTED}}, that has a poor sense of grammar. In the comment below OP wrote: "You need to think hard, compare and contrast then provided vaild points." WTH does that mean?

The Idiocy going on here, is when OP calls a poster in the comment section "stupid", when OP cannot even spell, or structure a sentence, carefully. If you went to college you should seriously ask for your money back.


A *** really? How orginal of you.

I excelled at math and science hating English. I have a Master of Computer Science degree. A degree that has served me well having worked in the field for 20 years. Even the fact that I hated advanced English I was still except to write "Compare and contrast essays" for critical thinking.

I will not waste my time explaining what a "Compare and contrast essay" is. Google it and try to enlighten yourself.


Screw all of you Democrats, why don't you call the Democrats right now and ask them if you can {{redacted}}


What does ones political affiliations have to do with this? Politics are irrelevant.


Because the OP wrote they were a Democrat right in the comment section, obviously you are too stupid to not read, or cannot read, get a life and a education, Democrat.


I am the OP. Once again, politics have no relevant meaning in my decision to ignore this policy.

You need to think hard, compare and contrast then provided vaild points.

You will not resort to insults in attempt to illustrate a point. "obviously you are too stupid to not read" The above, seems to indicate a poor command of the English language.


You are an absolute moron. Costco doesn’t bag items so anyone might look like they haven’t paid.

It would be BETTER to check all customers rather than only some. That would actually be profiling. Not checking every receipt. Furthermore.

It takes an extra few minutes of your time. All they do is check the date and make sure your receipt is from today and mark it. This is the stores policy. Don’t like it?

Don’t shop there. Simple as that.

Get over yourself. You’re not special.

@hater of sticks in the mud

I do shop there and will continue to do so. I ignore this policy because it profiling.

Why would Costco need to check a receipt? It was generated not moments prior. Costco already has a record of a successful transaction taking place. The only reason Costco would need to see a receipt is to check if the items in my cart were paid for.

Which of course they were.

The very action of asking to see my receipt is profiling and accusing that I am a thief. A retail employee attempting to surmise that I or any customer is a thief will never be tolerated.


Wow, just by reading the comment section, it looks like a episode of The view. Nothing but liberals arguing, and suffering with TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome.


It's annoying, I agree. But you agreed to it when you signed up.


Yes silly policies that you agreed that you would follow by signing the membership forms. So you’re saying your word is worth nothing?

That the personal honor of an American citizen is so easily thrown away because you can’t be bothered to follow your word? It’s not about being a good little citizen it’s about the value you place on the agreements you have made. Like following the rules of the road. You agree each and every time they make you sign for your license that you will follow ALL the rules for driving.

And yet you speed and don’t use blinkers. You seem to think that it’s perfectly ok to ignore the rules when it suits you and yet your the same person who would be screaming for help from the same law enforcers that you mock.Youcant have it both ways. You do realize honor isn’t grey. It’s pretty black and white.

You give your word, your honor and then you chose to ignore that honor in favor of whatever petty reason you use. You don’t want to wait. You agreed that they can check you out. How is them doing what you agreed to somehow unjust?

You have to wait, e checked then on your way. This is t a death penalty issue or a unjust tax or law. It’s what you agreed to! If you have so much of a problem with it then don’t sign your name to the agreement.

Don’t shop there.

As for karma, you get what you give in this life. If all people like you give is grief and drama then that’s what you get beck tenfold.


I have an excellent driving record. I do not speed or fail to signal lane changes?

And it's not "ignoring" the rules, on the contrary. It's making a very deliberate conscious choice not to follow them. If the masses all follow the same ignorant rules then the rules will never change. Whom is mocking a Law Enforcement officer?

I believe my original point..."Retail employees are not Law Enforcement".

The point is a Costco Employee is not a member of Law Enforcement, therefore they have no business acting as such. The more successful I have become in life, the more I have seen and experienced, the less tolerable I am to "Silly Rules" and "Silly People" like you.


Fine. Stubbornly insist that you do not have to adhere to the rules that you agreed to adhere to.

I don't know why you cannot grasp that you agreed to the rules when you signed up and cannot just decide not to follow them without consequences. You should have read them before you signed up. Where do YOU work anyway? Do you have clients or customers who frustrate you with their blatant refusal to follow procedure?

If you do not follow the rules, surrender your membership. Period.


I am a Systems Engineer for large Cyber Security company. I specialize in deployment and maintenance of our virtualization infrastructure and our Storage or SAN infrastructure.

Some of our "clients" include British Airways, United Emirates Airline, Best buys, The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, The United States Air Force, The Tennessee Valley Authority, Florida Power and Light and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (We specialize in legacy SCADA hardening). Our customers come to us for White Hat ethical hacking services.

We also have a Apache Hadoop cluster that it constantly downloading, processing and parsing web traffic world wide, looking for new emerging threats in near real time.I will continue to use Costco and I will continue to object to senseless rules by choosing not to follow them. Nobody is going to surrender anything.


Goody for you. Not impressed.

You sound like an arrogant, pretentious jerk, and not someone with whom I would personally associate. You're not a rebel, you're not not going to change the world, you're not inspiring anyone to stand up to "The Man." You're just being a jerk.Enjoy being the guy everyone rolls their eyes at when his back is turned.


Facts are not meant to impress, rather they are simply "facts". Live your boring life in the Pharmacy.


And it was you whom asked what I did for a living (The facts). Still resorting to name calling? Boring.


"I don't know why you cannot grasp that you agreed to the rules when you signed up and cannot just decide not to follow them"This is false, given the fact that Costco does this exact same thing. See "Costco is discriminating against age!!" post.