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Arrived at Costco with my little dog (5lbs.) I put her in the upper basket lined with a fresh thick towel. Was stopped at door and was told dog cannot be in basket because it is considered to not be clean.

My dog is very clean and again there was a towel lining the upper portion. I fully understood and was ready to comply but this woman was being a bully about it. In a loud voice for all to hear she said take the dog out and carry her or walk her on a leash. I carried her because she would be crushed if I walked her.

I don't mind your rule but I did not appreciate being talked to the way she did.

I really was embarrassed by her action and the attention it received.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Hi my name is Anna you are no,t allow to take pet in the

Story the only animals can go in the story is a service dog or for some someone with a displlite I have a service dog becuse I need him to help me I'm sarry that happen to you I hade the same thing happen to me to when I brout my service dog there


Why would you think you can take your freaking dog into Costco.... And you didn't like, ask or anything.

I mean, no big deal, its not like they sell and serve food there..... Entitlement at its finest