San Luis Obispo, California
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BEWARE: IF YOU PRINT A LOW RESOLUTION PHOTO YOU WILL ALLEGEDLY BE ACCUSED OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY AT COSTCO: Today I was allegedly accused of criminal activity by "Erin", a worker at the photo center at the San Luis Obispo, CA.,

Why was I accused of this by "Erin?" The resolution was bad on the print, and I explained to Erin that was because the photo was web resolution. As soon she heard the word "web" photo, she refused to give me merchandise (that I had already paid) and informed that she could not sell illegal photos.

In our society we are supposed to be innocent before proven guilty, but at Costco, at least by Erin, this is allegedly not the case. Try to print a web resolution photo and you will be allegedly accused of copyright violations and alleged illegal activity and be denied your paid for photos--and not 'released' until you have been through two managers, the later of which admits there is no cause for the action to begin with. Phone calls with the person who took the photos will be refused, while they detain you.

I think all customers at Costco need to know of how Costco treats people with low resolution photos that they try to print.

Suggested Resolution: Review your policies on this matter. Fire Erin. Anyone who thinks in black and white with customers and takes the action like Erin is going to lose you customers and destroy your reputation. Offer a gift card or compensation and apology for people you insult and offend and accuse of criminal activity based on no evidence whatsoever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Gift Card.

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The best part is you don't know how to use the the allegedly.

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