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Today February 11th, 2018 was the most humiliating day for me at Costco Royal Palm Beach Store in Florida. At approximately 12N, I visited your store to return 2 pants for better sizes and also to do my weekly shopping.

I have been an executive member for years and enjoyed my shopping experiences in the past. As I was exiting the store there were 2 people checking receipts, Joseph (the person to the left) and Noeila (on the right). I was on the left lane where Joseph was and realized that it had a delayed so I switched to the right one. During my walk to the right, I noticed Joseph signalling and saying something to Noeila and I knew it was about me but I couldn't hear what was said but their gestures gave them away.

I gave Noeila my receipt and she checked my cart marked a line on it and asked me what about my jacket. I had on a red dress and a red jacket. I said, "what about it." She said there is a size label on it. I told her that the red jacket was mine clothes that I walked in with and she was very rude to me and I felt humiliated of the thought that I took something from the store and was wearing it out.

I was I asked why would she accuse me of that and her response was, 'I am just doing my job". No, I did not even get an apology from either of them. Then Joseph jumped in to tell me to leave and I said not until I speak with a manager and someone at the return desk that had helped me before called Ted. Ted turned out to be the same manager that had told me I looked great in red just earlier.

I explained what happened but didn't feel he was going to address what happened so I decided to contact the Costco Main office. After I left the store, I stopped for gas and decided that I would never go back to that store which is in my community again. I returned to get their names and they were still rude and disrespectful. I said nothing but looked on their badge to jot their names down and Joseph yelled out his entire name as Michael Joseph or Joseph Michael.

His name tag did say Joseph in Produce. Then I went to Noeila and she turned her badge clearly for me to see it and they were both having no fear what could happen to them which tells me that is how they are used to treating people at the store. She was so proud to show her name she faced me showing her badge so I could see her name. Her badge said Membership department.

These two people should never be on the front line of the store. They lack respect, are rude and were set out to humiliate me without the decency of an apology after they realize they were wrong. I have no reason to steal and never will. The size glue tag must have fallen off and attached to my jacket when I held up the pants to see how the length was against my body.

Furthermore if they knew the store products they would see that those size glued down tags are on slacks. They had no idea of my personal clothes that I walked in vs. Costco's so they shouldn't make this judgement call. Now I am very embarrassed that I was called in wrongfully and everyone on the Sunday lines saw me being accused of stealing and with no apologies except from Ted the manager.

Ted was simply just trying to get me out of the store and in my heart I felt he wouldn't say anything to them. He too said they were doing their job so it must be the culture in this store to accuse people. Does Costco train people to be law enforcement officers and accuse even when there is no evidence?. I will be sending a hard copy of this letter along with my receipt for the items I bought, membership number and a photo of me in my red outfit with the glued down size label..

I had such a sad day today after this experience that I don't ever want to go back to a Costco store again. Someone needs to train Joseph and Noeila who are rude and unapologetic even when they are wrong and accusatory.

Please keep in their employee file so they get poor reviews. They should be fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Products, Wasting time and gas.

I didn't like: Unprofessional customer service at exit, Costco service.

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Couldn't you just have pulled up your Costco card and shown them when the jacket was previously purchased? It is their job to look for theft, even though I am sure theft was not involved here, just a simple oversight of removing a sticker. I have done that also.


Good grief! Like if you were stealing you wouldn't leave the label on..shame on them! They need to be trained how to handle situations wo offending customers.


You need to check your attitude, as well. This is mostly your own fault.

You looked like a crook. Good riddance to you.

to Anonymous #1432154

Wow! Are you serious!

to Anonymous #1432355

I guess you must be one of the two Costco people I complaint about or a family/friend. Check my Costco membership before passing judgement and you will see I spend enough money and get rebates checks in Costco that I don't even pay for membership. Get trained and don't judge a book by it's cover.

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