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Update by user Mar 26, 2013

After many visits to the store and phone calls to the concierge we finally received instructions on how to return The laptop to Toshiba I was instructed to buy an empty box for 25 dollars the box came in I put the computer in the box and sent it off.

Original review posted by user Feb 23, 2013

Bought a laptop, put it on the shelf until I needed it for the business, unpacked it, DEAD RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!

Took it back. They said it is past 90 days and to call the number on the receipt. Called the number. They asked me all of the dumb questions like, did you turn it on and off again? Talked to the Toshiba guy, he said he would email me instructions on how to send it to him and he never did.

If Costco cannot back up their electronic purchases then what the *** good are they? I will not be buying any more electronics at Costco!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Assuming they still had the same model, I think I would have gone and bought another one and returned the defective one on the new receipt. At least that way you might have had a chance of getting one that worked.


Costco return policy is not nearly as generous as Best Buy or Amazon if you buy the protection plan as I did. At Best Buy, if you buy the protection plan, you can just bring the product back.

At Costco, they make you use the manufacturer to fix it after 90 days. When buying electronics from Costco, you need to look into the quality of the OEM customer service. There is no guarantee that they are going to fix your item.

It is a sly way to offer a two year warranty. In the end you are better off buying electronics somewhere else.


Costco's return policy for electronics is FAR MORE GENEROUS than most any other store. Compare them to Best Buy or CompUSA or Fry's.

Stop complaining. You weren't screwed. It was YOUR FAULT for not taking it out of the box and testing it right off the bat.

ANYONE would tell you that. I'm calling bravo sierra on this complaint.

Yep I should have plugged the *** thing in just did not expect a dead computer!


Don't ever buy anything else then from anywhere. There is a return policy for a reason. 3 months is more than fair.

Yep..probably become a monk and learn to chant!