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Costco should have our back.

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Costco member for years! Get everything with costco, gas insurance, etc.

Bought a lenovo u410 on costco.com for 700 plus tax. After 5 months the laptop just crashed. Wouldnt shutdown properly would not connect to the internet (would have to connect manually every time) would just be surfing the web and the browser would say not responding. So then after doing some research found out there was a bad batch of laptops sent out with this particular model.

I completely agree that returns shouldn't be allowed after 90 days but when its a defective product there should be some exception. Costco can grab lenovo by the balls and get their money back. I can't. To make matters worse they tell me to send it in for repair.

So I do, and lenovo just does a factory reset on the laptop. Which is what I spent two hours on the phone with a lenovo rep and did the same thing prior to sending it in. (problem still persisted so I sent the laptop for repair) I believe Costco should give me a refund and get their money from lenovo. So I still needed a laptop and went on craigslist and bought a USED laptop that works great!

I love this laptop!

I dont even want to sell the lenovo laptop on craigslist because its such a piece of *** and would be messed up for me to do that. What should I do, how should I feel?

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Sara L

Absolutely ridiculous. The entitlement of some people never fails to amaze me.

Your issue is with LENOVO not Costco. Why on earth should they shoulder the blame and give you your money back?

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