Rochester, New York
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Recently I tried for a Costco membership for the first time in Rochester NY. I was seeking a Gold Star membership and the service desk associates were only aggressively interested in trying to sell me an Executive membership.

After being handed off to a fourth associate also attempting to upsell me an Executive membership that I wasn't interested in. I bluntly told them to get their act together and please listen, and issue the desired Gold Star membership I sought as advertised.

By assertively addressing their poor customer relations they felt offended and asked me to leave the store. I'm most pleased I got to see this substandard behavior before having purchased a membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I got a membership today and they aggressively pushed their expensive one. I got fed up and said "I want the cheap one, I am only interested in the cheap one".

And the lady says "Oh, well the cheap on is the executive one!" I asked her how and she went into the standard sales pitch about 2% back, etc.

They also tried to push a credit card that I don't want. I decided during the encounter - no thank you, I don't want to shop her anymore, goodbye.


They are almost as bad as these people in stores trying to get you to purchase the company based credit card. They cannot take no for an answer.

Keep following you.

Sometimes they work in teams, they know that people try to avoid them so they have someone purposely block you so that the credit card seller can get to you.

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