Los Angeles, California
Not resolved

Costco advised us to work with Alovan, we had nothing but problems from the beginning, they have charged our account hundreds of dollar without providing service as we canceled our service in first day due to lack of management skills and poor equipment they provide to work with

for last 6 mouths they have charged to our account $20 dollars per mo, amnd they charged us for the credit card machine we returned back , never issued a credit of $347,98 + tax on top they charged us $95 dollars cancellation fee and still took money of $20 per mo for 6 mo from our account. when you call the they put you on hold and keep transferring you to difference departments and every one who doesn't know or pre3tend that they do not know and do everything possible so that they do not have to return your money

I am going to file a law suit with Costco and naming Avelon as their business associates in partner of fraud

not everything Costco says or advises to their customers are legit business or above the decent business standards

today is 6 mo after the ordeal and we still did not get our money back

I advice you to never work with Avelaon or any other business Costco advise you to,

Monetary Loss: $469.

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