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While shopping in the Warrenton Oregon Costco store, i was working my way back to the meat, fruits and vegetables. My first stop was at the fruit and vegetable section.

Lo and behold right in front of my eyes was a dog relieving hisself. The owner of the dog tried to clean up the mess as best he could, however the odor was more than i could put up with. I put the items back that were in my cart and on my way out of the store { empty handed i might add } i complained to an employee at the front of the store and her response was Costco would not do anything about animals in the store for fear of being sued. I was a hugh Costco shopper in the past.

I will be shopping at Costco a whole lot less now.

Larry G. Pool

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: animals in the store.

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This dog may have been brought in by someone who wished to pass it off as a service dog. Service dogs need not wear identifying tags nor vests, and need not be certified, which I agree with, however some pet owners take advantage of this which is illegal.

People with their service dogs (trained to aid person with disability) are allowed most places pets are not. However, some people bring in pets saying they are service dogs and those dogs may not be trained like service dogs. This has become common. Service dogs are held to a high standard and owners may be asked to remove their service dogs from establishments if the dog is threatening normal health and safety of other attendees.

For instance, service dogs may not be allowed to go through the sheep barns at a county fair and may not be allowed in a public swimming pool. If a service dog is filthy, a restaurant owner may ask the owner of the dog to remove their dog from the restaurant. Also, the right to use a service dog is with the disabled person. Service dogs do not have a right to be anywhere, their owners have a right to take them most places.

Disabled people do not have a right to take service dogs in training places. Shop owners and businesses are simply helping disabled people when they allow service dogs in training in their businesses. Good for them.

So, when pet owners stating their (fake) “service dog” is still learning as an excuse for poor behavior, that is an unacceptable excuse. Bottom line, even service dogs are not supposed to *** in grocery stores.


Bringing animals into stores, restaurants and such is the new thing. If the guy holding the dog's leash is blind then not a problem.

However, now people have what they call "support" animals and want to bring them everywhere.

This is catering to those in society who are taking advantage of the laws the dufus legislators enact. Costco, and other businesses are afraid of violating some law in refusing to allow these animals into their stores, of course but that doesn't mean you have to shop at these stores.