779 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854, USA
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This is the third product I got from Costco, CT 779 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854 that is contaminated by E.Coli bacteria! Last time my husband ate the sliced turkey (without realizing the funky smell) and got to the emergency room.

He had severe stomach pain, high fever, body chills and headache. I filed the complaint with the manager and keep waiting for the 2nd week that someone is going to get in touch with me. Luckily, I saved a few sliced and paid for the lab tests to run my own results in case if Costco will be saying that product was fresh. And as you may think- results came back positive, turkey had E.coli!

Still waiting. This time, I am so pissed that I am having my attorney to file a lawsuit. ENOUGH!! What if the baby would’ve eat that product???

Video of another item (please note , not expired by the date) I got this week attached.

This must stop. gh87777iuyhgy

Product or Service Mentioned: Turkey.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3650.

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Strange, Costco is more careful with their meat, fish, poultry products than any other store I have visited. Out West might be different. I think this is a bogus report.


No I don't think it's a bogus report! I also got sliced meat fron Costco recently I had throw it away.

I was too busy to return it anyway.

But no one from my family ate it, so I guess it's different.

Shame on # Costco. Author let us know how it goes

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