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Weekly fill-up at 4th Ave. Costco.

Gas prices may not be what they seem. Last week and then again this week checked my gas receipt that showed I received 17/18 gallons of gas. My vehicle has a 12 gallon gas tank and if I overfill will take maximum of 12.5 gallons of gas. Yet, my receipts these past two weeks shows that I purchased 17/18 gallons of gas.

Something is wrong with this scenario? Tried reaching supervisor today at this Costco to ask about the above noted deviance but each time, once I explained my dilemma was transferred and then disconnected (called 3 times).

This gal is a long time lover of Costco but something just is not right with this 4th Ave. Costco gas pumps?

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Gas Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Costco Cons: Costco gas.

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Go to your state's main website and find the state agency that regulates gas stations, etc.---probably called something like "weights and measurements" or similar. They perform spot checks on gas stations all the time.

I had to do this a few years ago in my state. They did an unannounced check on a station I suspected of shorting customers and they did, indeed find that their pumps were calibrated incorrectly---in the station's favor, of course.

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