East Peoria, Illinois

As a former employee,,,I can honestly say I would have rather worked at a greasy fast food restaurant than for them,,,they way they treat people is just ***,,,they dont care at all about the opinions of there employees and since they do pay more you are easily replaced so they could give a *** about you at all,,that and anything Kirkland Signature is just pure JUNK,,,,,if you dont mind paying a membership fee to buy GARBAGE ,,,I am hoping people will wake up and avoid all Costco stores,,they are WORSE than Wal Mart and Kmart,,,,WAKE UP AMERICA!!! jhghghgh hjbhibihbihbhi hbhibihbihbihbhibh jhbhbhbihbih jhbhbgfcryfcgvhb uhgvcfrcftygfutf ugtcfrgvtcygftvg yuvbyvuhyghgy

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The truth is most people can't cut it to work at Costco. Based on your incoherent writing and lack of grammar, you know I'm correct [:


You do realize that no matter where you work there will be bosses and supervisors above you, don't you?

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