I had a couple of bad customer service experience with Cosco. This time I couldn't hold it back any more so I decided to write up a complain.

if you just shop and no need any kind of help from the staff then it's totally fine to shop their, but when it comes to face to face with their staffs, I don't know about others, but with me, I never recive any good attitude help! All/most of the staff, they seem so grumpy and inpatient ! Here is my experience today. At the check out, the cashier question about my membership!

She asked if It was mine and said I look different! She even said why were I wearing a hat!!! Excuse me! I can't wear a hat to shop at Cosco?!

What was wrong with I didn't wash my hair and decided to put on a hat!!! She even said I look older! I am not kidding! I feel offensed!!!!

I don't have an ID with me , but I was able to find an old receipt from couple days ago from Cosco, and she didn't not believe me that I didn't bring in any ID and wants to check my wallet!!! Holy ***! Who give you the right to dig into my wallet to check! I am here to shop!

Not to be pissed by you!! Very bad experience! And that cashier's attitude is super bad! Cosco, I hope you'll look very serious into this, you just gona lose more and more of your customer if you don't train your staff well!

If there is a rating of out of 5 stars, I'll give 0! I shop at the Richmond Cosco today, and the cashier is Terry, she a middle age woman! When I ask for a employee number she said there's no such thing! And she can't provide any last name either!

Oh well, you don't think I can still complain with your first name?

Hope you get fired,because you can't get anywhere with that kind of attitude!! Very disappointed

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Some staffs are bad attitude and rude, that we pay membership for that how stupidly. When my card expired and never again re member no way, not much went to Costco sure sadly wasted money hurtful...


Sure, we'll just take your word for your ID, especially when it could be fraudulent and the cashiers job on the line. Not having identification is your fault.


This isn’t the *** TSA. It’s a damn grocery store.

You’re acting a little ridiculous defending this cashier who would absolutely not face any penalty just letting them go. My advice: cancel the membership and get a refund. If they refuse, call corporate and complain. This kind of behavior won’t stop if it’s not checked.

ID to buy flippin groceries.

Go to BJ’s. They scan the card and don’t hassle you.


Wanting to get people fired bcuz they are doing their job! Lovely


Well first of all why in the *** you do not have your id and 2nd maybe u shouldn't complain at all cause that could be the reason why you look old!!!!!!!


She's a white middle aged women


This doesn't add anything to your complaint, in fact it takes away from the complaint.

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