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Hello Costco Customer Service,

We have been loyal Costco members for 18 years and I believe we have spend around one million dollars during all this years. Yesterday, July 29,2015 me and my husband came for our usual shopping at Richmond's Costco. In the jewelry department we found men's Versace watch and ask a worker in this department Peggy (sorry if I spell her name wrong) to hold it for us while we are continuing shopping. We wanted to buy it right away but Peggy assure us that she will keep it for us in a safe place because it was the only one watch and she even told us that nobody will buy it while she is here. She wrote herself the item number on a slip and we continued shopping with the peace of mind. At the cash register we paid for all our purchases including the watch over $1300 and went to pick up our watch at the customer service desk. We were waiting for 45 minutes to figure out that our watch was sold to somebody else (while Peggy was here as she "promised"). The store supervisor Paul took our slip with the item number and never showed up again. Everybody was ignoring us knowing what we were waiting for. After 45 minutes I started to talk to everyone who was at the moment at the desk and they finally called another manager to deal with us. He apologized and said that our watch is sold and gave us $10 complimentary gift card to get rid of us (what a shame, feels like a slap in the face). But at least he called another store and found out that Surrey location has another watch like this. We nicely asked him to deliver it to Richmond but the manager says NO, we don't transfer items from store to store and the only thing he can do for us is take our names and ask Surrey to keep it for us until tomorrow (another “keepitforus”, hopefully not like Peggy kept it for us). It took another 15 minutes to get our money back for the watch. Then supervisor Paul showed up after all pretended he never saw us before and he is the one who took our slip to bring us the watch. NO WORDS!!! Another thing that really bothers me is your computer system. If there is only one specific item in the store then it supposed to show in a cash computer whether you have it or sold it out already. When we were paying our bill it did not show that it was sold out which makes me think that whether your computer system is bad or somebody from your staff members decided to buy it after we get refund of disappearing watch.

Me and my husband are restaurant owners and if there is a situation that clients wait too long or not happy with the service we always compensate it with a free meal or drinks. We keep our customers always happy. Plus I work part time at Urban Fare and I honestly think that you have to learn from us how to satisfy and respect your customers.

In conclusion, we spend over one hour with my sore back (after car accident) standing in front of "CUSTOMER SERVICE" and you (Costco people) don't even make us a little favor (I think it is a little that you could do for your customers) to transfer the watch from Surrey to Richmond (if I were you I would bring the watch even to a customer's house) because is totally your fault and DISRESPECT!!!

Thank you for reading this but I already doubt we are getting any apologies.

Irina Carmen & German Teplitsky

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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