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From your Norwalk, CT store. We've had bad milk twice in the last four months.

This most recent was purchased 7/19, with a 'sell by' date of 7/26. The milk, not yet sour, curdled and was grainy on date of purchase. In looking at the one gallon container, that same graininess is evident with slight curds adhering to the container above the milk. The sour milk of about four months ago was, simply, the milk being quite sour the day after purchase.

I'm not going to go through the nuisance of sending receipts or pictures, etc. I don't want anything back from Costco -- just pointing out something you should know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kirkland Signature Milk.

Reason of review: overall good.

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I'll chime in as well from Seattle. Noticed an uptick in bad mild recently.

This morning had to dump two gallons that day they're good until the 24th. Chunk and thick they are. Good they are not.

Opened a different pack this morning and even now, some 12 hours later I can tell it won't be good by morning. What changed?


Same experience...two half gallons spoiled out of the last 4 we've opened. I've been the one to accidentally find this out both times. So incredibly gross.


I have same experience. This is the third time in last two month that milk expired way before the expatriation date.


Since last 2 months, we've had problems with milk from Costco. The milk expires way before the expiration date.

We have been customers with Costco for a long time. Never experienced this in prior years.


This morning 8/19/18 my 3 yr rejected his milk we bought at costco dated Aug 23. I took a sip and it was awful.

It is obvious with the reviews here its being going on for awhile. Not buying anything else but water from costco until.


We also just had the same problem with the Costco milk purchased in Northern Virginia. Sour and curdles days before date on container.


We recently bought three 2-packs about less than three weeks ago. We consumed about half while noticing the last two gallons one open and other unopened has spoiled.

Took back just last weekend and bought another two gallons, today finding the open with curds and the other unopened you can see chunks as well...

Happened TWICE this past month.. very unsatisfied


I agree, I have also found their milk to be going bad quickly/when purchased, and I'm in Canada. Apparently the problem is widespread.


Recently had the same experience with Costco's milk. Both gallon containers curdled beforeexpiration date.


The milk is always grainier and if you boil the milk it becomes more visible. Almost looks like curd.The taste is sour. I have a costco membership but not very satisfied with their compromised quality checks


I too find that Kirkland milk starts to smell sour before it’s expiration date. I went online to see if others were having this issue, and sure enough, here is just one site where others are expressing dissatisfaction too.


my milk is not expired yet but both the open and unopened gallon was bad. One was pure curds.


I have had similar experience, Costco 2% milk is spoiling before due date. I have had to throw out three gallons of milk before they have expired, in these past two months.

All three gallons where more than half consumed before I had to throw them out, but all three had gone bad before expiration date. Milk is clumpy and grainy when it goes bad.

I also notice heavy white greasy residue that sticks to the opening of the plastic gallon. I am opting to buy my milk from my local grocery store from now on.

Torrance, California, United States #1231300

I face same problem with Costco milk.

It turn sour while boiling

Expire date 10/29

Today's date 10/24

This is second time

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