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First of all, ALL MEMBERS OF THE MANAGEMENT TEAM knows, and they do it anyways.

You should look at the milk company in Fresno. It’s the mentality that needs fixed.

There is a reason for milk spoilage, and that’s because companies like these curb cleaning, so they can ship milk out the door.

They could care less, as long as they are making money.

This company is the same company that supplies Costco’s Kirkland brand in the Central Valley. The management at Producers even had us reduce the shelf life from 20 days to 14 days, KNOWING our milk was bad.

They shipped it anyways.

I work there and I will never stock their milk in my own fridge. I had to take apart NASTY valves, caked with old crusty product to clean them, because the production management didn’t care about the quality, and bypassed it, and wanted to fill their quotas. They went through an extensive cleaning, and then weeks later, broke the 24 hour rule on purpose, again.

Ask them if they ever ran your product on machines past the 24 hour mark.

There are rules you need to follow, and some milk companies like this don’t because it will cost them.

You need to wash equipment every 24 hours. This company will make an exception to this because they are behind on production. They don’t care little kids are drinking the stuff. Roaches live in the machines, and there have been complaints of flies and baby roaches in the milk itself.

Ask to see their records, to see if they ever ran past the 24 hour rule.

Ask them if they ran past 24 hours. They have, and they will as long as no one will stop them.

Maybe you need to see who is supplying your products, with your name.

So there you go. I’m not going to work there much longer, but these bad companies need a spotlight on them. The owners are good people, but they’ve hired bad people to run their business.

I can’t keep working at a place that continues to break rules for the sake of a profit.

I need to feed my family, but my conscience pushed me to say something to you guys.

Like I said, won’t be there for too much longer, so hopefully, someone can do something about this. In the meantime, neither me or any of my friends and family will be buying this product.

Thank you.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Costco Cons: Keeps getting worse.

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Garbage post.

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