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A costco roll of Kirkland Stretch-tite plastic food wrap smells so bad, like chemicals or burning electrical wire. is it poisonous?

Manufacturers use bad, substituted materials in their products on occasion. So the news reports. Is this another example? Chemicals move from plastics to food, so it has me worried.

What more can I say? Why are 100 words required? Crazy. We all know we are being sprayed from airplanes with aluminum and boron.

Aluminum interferes with water uptake in plants. Why are they messing with or lives? Think man, think! Look up UN Agenda 21.

See what the are doing. They have seen the future and you are not included.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kirkland Signature Plastic Wrap.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Mine smells like a chemical rubber industrial type.


Same here, just noticed the offensive odor for the first time today.


The paper towels stink like turpentine. Yuk.

Sometimes I place washed lettuce or verges in a paper towel. I'll never buy these again.

@Pepper girl

The Kirkland signature paper towels that is, from Costco.


Mine smells like a sweet nasty perfume. When it touches the food, we taste it as well.


It is normal for this plastic food wrap. Just return it. They should pay for this.


Mine smells like fish

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