Astoria, Oregon

I purchased 4 bottles of 14 hands hot to trot wine on 09 04 15 at the Medford, Oregon Costco, when I attempted to get a refund for the four bottles which were bad wine I was told by Jason C at the return counter that I would have to bring the empty bottles as well as the one unopened bottle that I had with me. I said open it and it will verify that the wine was bad.

The female clerk next to Jason said that the store had pulled the wine from the shelves and a lot of customers had complained. Jason said bring the other three bottles and I explained that they went in the trash. Jason said no refund without the bottles because the wine supplier would not reimburse Costco without the empty bottles. I left and went to Trader Joes and found excellent prices on wine and other items I normally purchase at Costco.

I will NOT renew my membership! J W Peterson

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Costco Cons: Customer service.

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If the wine was "bad", and you knew that you were going to be returning the remaining portion for a refund, what would possess you to toss the empty bottles that held the wine that you "dumped"? I don't think that Costco is asking very much when they ask you to bring in the empties (or to make things simpler, the remaining/unconsumed portions of the "bad" product inside these containers) from the products that you're now expecting them to reimburse you for.

Costco's great return policy is slowly being eroded due to abuse by customers like you.

Please stay at Trader Joe's. I don't know how you can even draw a parallel between the two establishments (other than the fact that they both have excellent customer service?) but it looks like getting cheap wine is really important to you.


Have a clue why would you get a refund with no product, they can't get reimbursed from the vendor for the money you would have been given without product to submit.


Costco has the best return policy in the business, but I cannot believe you would want to return something without actually returning it. Good riddance to you.


funny how you blame Costco who was completely willing to refund your money had you simply thought ahead. And you drank 3 but wanted a refund for the 3 + 1 unopened... Sounds like sour grapes to me.

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