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I bought a blood pressure monitor for $39.99. It has happened the price dropped down, I decided to take it back and benefit from the difference.

The customer’s service helped me with that, then she asked me if I still keep shopping. I said: yes. Then she asked me to get green sticker(means that the item already paid off) so I got it then I went for shopping. When I have done.

I went to pay. the cashier charged the purchases plus the blood pressure monitor that I already paid. I went home. I checked the receipt and I found out that I have been charged for the monitor twice.

I went back and the lady who works in costumer service refused to believe me. And she told me:” I have to check the camera” to find out if I am saying the truth. I was so embarrassed. I came home then I called 800#.

The lady how answered my call was very nice and very helpful, she cooled me down. And she said they will call me back. After a bit, the manager of Costco( located in lanham MD) called me. He asked me about what happened.

I explained everything to him. He apologized to me and he said he will me my money back with extra $10 for the gas that I have been waisted for going back and fourth to the store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Costco Pros: This is the only time i have been disappointed.

  • rude staff memembers
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One of the comment replies has the exact same misuse of terminology along with similar grammatical errors. calls into question the veracity of your initial post.


What about your waisted time and your wear and tear on your vehicle. And what about the rude way that you were treated.

That manager should have given you a hundred dollar credit at Costco to compensate you for everything that you went through. They outta be ashamed of themselves.


Ridiculous post. They went far beyond what other stores would do.

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