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Pharmacy lost/misplaced my heath card that they had taken from me when I went in to get a shot. Claimed they gave it back to me and I must have in my pockets or dropped it.

I had been waiting to be called for the shot and had kept within about 20 feet of the pharmacy for a half hour or more, so really had no opportunity to "lose" my health card. After thoroughly checking my wallet and all my pockets and checking the bench I'd been sitting on and finding nothing, I asked the girl at the counter to please check again to see if they could find my card - even suggested they look on the floor in case they dropped it. They said they had checked everywhere and it must be that *I* had the card.

At this point, I said I was going to stand at the cash register spot at their counter until I could get my card back. This finally got a response, as otherwise I would be blocking the access of other customers.

A minute or two later, the girl came out of the store room area holding my card, offered a short "Here's your card. It was on the floor. I apologize.", and quickly left. I did the same, skipping getting my shot after waiting /wasting close to 1 hour. I'll go to CVS or Rite Aid, or some supermarket pharmacy instead.

This all could have been forgivable but for the girl's immediate accusation that I *MUST* have the card and that she was *positive* she had returned it to me a half hour earlier during the patient check-in. She was either remembering incorrectly or lying. Plus, she hadn't bothered to look much for the card until I threatened to camp at the counter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Pharmacy Department.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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