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My Mom, my sister and I were shopping in Costco as we frequently did. I was 13 and my sister was 11. My sister and I were picking out some items like dvds and large pillows. We were shopping alone at this point.

In the electronics section, we found a lone shopping cart and put our items in it. We shopped around for a few minutes. I noticed the handle of the cart was wet and sticky but what I hadn't noticed immediately was the blood. Wet blood on the handle, on the metal bars, all over. It smelled of blood. It had the texture of blood. It was on our hands, where we had touched the cart. It got on my sister's face. It was absolutely horrifying.

We found our mom and we went to customer service. They gave us wet napkins. They told us to go to the bathroom to clean up. While we did they took the cart into the back. Rather than explaining why this would happen or trying to help they were more concentrated on hiding the cart.

We left costco. My mom called customer service soon afterwards. There was blood on my sister's shirt. They told us to send the shirt in for "testing". We did. They admitted it was blood and did nothing but send the shirt back to us. It had been washed and the blood stain treated so it was barely there any more.

They offered no insight as to why this would happen. A lawyer representing costco called us and was very nasty. My mom said she might open a lawsuit against costco. She told us "good luck trying."

My sister is sick and has a compromised immune system. This situation put her health at risk.

Costco is a disgusting company and I am glad to have finally gone public about this.

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It was meat blood, most likely. Obviously, if it took you that long to notice it, then it must not have been much (it also could not have been, because how is a liquid like blood supposed to magically all stick to thin rounded metal?

I'll give you a hint. It doesn't.

You got a speck of beef blood on you.

Too bad, so bad.

Get over it.

Costco is not liable and there is nothing they can do about a spill on a cart.


My wife, and I flew cross country from Atlanta to Seattle to attend a cousins' birthday weekend. The guest of honor asked if my wife and I minded accompanying her husband to pick up additional beer & wine for both of the weekend events, at Costco Warehouse Membership Club on 4th Avenue. She handed the card to my wife, while they were in another store together. She had another stop to make, so the three of us, pressed for time, proceeded as requested and stopped at the store to shop for those items. After finding what we needed, it was time to check out. All lines were beyond full; but we patiently waited our turn.

Our cashier must have been having a bad day or something because he was rude and very pushy, not to mention, seemingly ignorant of store policy. He certainly could use some customer service training, as well as the guy that called himself assisting. We didn't get his name but he was wearing a football Jersey. Nonetheless, the cashier advised Sterling that he could not use his wife's Membership Card, but our understanding of store policy states that he could have; only having to verify the same home address. The cashier said that he could not under any circumstances use his wife's Membership Card to purchase this full buggy of beer & wine. So, with time of the essence (phase I of the event soon to begin), I found my expired Membership Card in my wallet, stepped up and paid the membership renewal fee; however, our cashier still would not allow him to use his debit Card to purchase the items. The cashier insisted that this is a membership club and that the membership club card, debit card, and the state I.D. for alcohol purchases all must match to proceed with the transaction.

With all of the dramatics, we reluctantly proceeded, matching up all the criteria, I finished the transaction and got the receipt, then swiftly walked towards the exit door where the Receipt Checker checked our Items marked our receipt and we were off to the parking lot to load up the car. Still ticked off and irritated about what had just transpired, we get to the truck and start loading the items, when suddenly the unthinkable happened, two out of breath individuals; a Caucasian male & a Caucasian female (that never identified themselves), approached us. Things could have gotten really dangerous at that point however, we remained calm but perplexed about being pursued in the parking lot following a legitimate transaction.

I asked how can I help you and the still unidentified male store employee said that “they” told us to come after you; then I asked, who told you to come after us? and he wouldn’t give the name of the person that he took the directive from. Interestingly enough, the sight of employees running through the parking lot stopped traffic and turned heads on this very busy day; other customers were curious to see what was going on. That didn’t stop the the male store employee who asked to once again see our receipt, it had just been presented prior to exiting the building. Both store employees looked into the SUV with receipt in hand and as we previously done in-store, they looked over the receipt comparing printed and actual goods. It was then that the male employee said – wait, we were asked to . . . My wife was getting very impatient with these two. Hold on . . . was the last thing I heard her say to them, before turning and asking me and Sterling if we really needed to continue loading the vehicle or if we should return every bit of it and cancel the regrettably renewed membership? Our receipt was returned to us by these 2 still unknown store employees with only a “we don’t see an issue” response from them -- not an apology, nor a thank you for our time and understanding of the situation, not a thank you for shopping with us, not even a have a nice good day – the two “employees” proceeded to walk back towards the store.

Were we extremely angry and felt violated, embarrassed, humiliated, profiled, and treated like second class citizens & common criminals??? ABSOLUTELY! And utterly disrespected as dis-“valued customers”.

I personally believe that both store policy & law were breached in that instance on August 3rd 2013 4:46pm and I am sure that store surveillance can show some, if not all of what unfortunately transpired that day.


Perhaps the "blood" was from packaged meat that someone put in the cart, got on their hands and then on the handle of the shopping cart


It had to have been a negligent amount of blood on the cart for the two young ladies to have totally overlooked it, put their items in and keep shopping before noticing. And, yes, from a legal aspect, if the cart situaltion was not brought to the attention of any Costco employee prior to the girls finding it, there is no possible way the blood on that cart could have been dealt with, i.e.

cart cleaned up and taken off the floor appropriately. At the point the girls brought it to their attention, they did what was right, assist the girls in cleaning up, taking the clothing, having the blood tested for anything serious they should know about, and having their clothes cleaned.


That is disgusting! I am so sorry about what happened. I would have been scared as well.


Sessa- Costco is responsible because it's their store. Did you even read the post?

Blood was ALL OVER this cart.

I mean, not a spot of blood, like blood smeared on this cart. It was left in an aisle, not out side.

Who are you to make such speculations based on many questions you don't know the answers to?

Sara L

Left in an aisle. Exactly.

It was left by a customer! So Costco employees should run around the store constantly to make sure all their carts are in perfect condition? Somehow you feel that they should be held liable for something they most likely had NO part in and could not reasonably be expected to know about. Was it disgusting?

I'm sure it was, but worthy of a lawsuit against the store? I still say is ridiculous and a complete overreaction.

Sara L

I don't even know what to say. Ridiculous comes to mind.

I'm going to assume that a customer bled on the cart, perhaps they cut their hand or something, and didn't clean it up, which would have been the polite thing to do.

How in the *** is this Costco's fault or something you would consider suing over?!?! Costco, or any store for that matter, shouldn't be held responsible because customers left a cart in a nasty condition.

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