Charleston, South Carolina

I bought an 18 pack of premier protein at the charleston costco store. When I brought home my pack of protein, I found muscle milk packets hidden and packed in the second row.

This was done on purpose. I also found out that the premier protein was old stock because the manufacturer had changed the caps. I returned the pack to costco. The foods manager was called to talk to me because I was disappointed about the product I had bought and consumed from costco.

I didn't know whether what I had consumed had been returned by another customer and if so, how safe was it? All what the manager could offer me was a lame excuse. " I have worked for costco for over 15 years and I've never seen this happen before". He continued to ask me, " what do you want me to do?

His demeanor did not show that he was sorry. In fact, the cashier seemed displayed more sympathy than the manager. I've shopped at costco for over 17 canada and now in the US.

The quality of products and service has deteriorated as the prices have gone up. I am reconsidering my membership.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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What exactly did you want him to do? It is a perfectly fair question.

You voiced a complaint that I expect you wanted something for.

Why shouldn't they ask what you wanted them to do? If you couldn't answer the question you shouldn't have made the complaint.


That's true I have never seen that happen at costco so the manager in part was right. Also a fair question what did he/she want the manager to do for him ?