Pacoima, California

I buy candy to sell at work and give all money to March of Dimes, after they called all management to the checkout they told me if I didn't have a coupon they were not going to give me the coupon price, what bothered me is the aggressiveness of the management, and they spoke to me in spanish! I don't even know spanish!

This store is roach invested, I went to the bathroom and there was no toilet paper, when I asked about it some woman told me they always have filthy bathrooms! I hate this Costco, they are mean callous and cruel!

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dum dum(assuming they are telling the truth and did not take being told no a rude) it is not about the accepting of coupons or not but about being talked to rudely.


So they spoke to you in Spanish, well speak to them in Pig Latin.


All I read was "pity me pity me pity me, I didn't have a coupon and demanded a discount anyway for no apparent reason, pity me".


Now....I know insects have a lot of money, but....I have never heard of a roach investing in a Costco. And bless your little heart for the sweet story of you selling candy at work for the march of dimes (doubtful)....and yeah...this might be a new thing for you St.

Mary......but you gotta have a coupon to get the coupon price......other wise its called regular price. They spoke in spanish to not embarrass you further....dolt


Sounds like you were cranky because it was way past your bed time. Since when is not giving you your way the same as being rude and bullying. What are you like three that when you don't get your way you are being bullied?


I believe that you made up this tale of woe. Go sit in the corner!

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