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Today I went with my mom to but her some groceries from Costco she payed for what she could afford and I was going to pay for the rest separate transactions. Once we get to the front of the line she pays for her stuff. It’s my turn to pay so the cashier asks me if I’m...
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I bout 2 Samsung 50'' TVs at the same time. One of the units went out and we noticed a small crack in the inside of the screen so rounded by a barker smug. My wife called and in ending they replaced it. Before we knew what was going to happen with the first...
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High School graduate

My friend, you are clearly a product of the American public school system. I feel so badly for you and your family. Having to endure such hardship as having two failed LCD pan...


You don\'t lay a tv down on a bed to install the bracket. You lean it against a wall so it is still up the correct way and no presure on the glass. That was your fault it br...

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