Salem, New Hampshire

I placed an online order with costco for a generator and after 2 weeks I recieved an email stating that my order was cancelled. I recieved a $100 costco credit for my troubles.

I really needed the generator at the time but due to their delay, my alternative store(home depot) ended their sale on the same generator and it was now near double in price. I called costco to complain and I ended up getting them to agree to honor their price on the generator if the item came back in stock within 90 days. Well the item came back in stock and they now refuse to honor the original order price stating that the $100 gift card was the issue.

The delay in getting me the generator was what the card was for. What a horrid company, NEVER doing business with these idiots again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I had a bad experience shopping at The computer monitor has promotion $200 off during check out, Order went trough but 6 hours later order cancelled by Costco. I called customer care and stated the promotion was wrong and if you need to order it again, the item still available with current price which is more expensive.

Costco did not live up to its core values.


I bet you had no problem using the $100 credit.

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