Kapolei, Hawaii
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On 5/13/16 i bought a pizza from your Ka Uka Costco in Hawaii. The clerk Bryan B.

gave me 0.47 instead of 0.58. He gave me the tax charged. Had to wait until he acknowledged me so i can get my correct change. Took 5min because he kept forgetting.

Then he gave me the wrong change again! No apologies as i yelled at him this time while he just gave me a *** blank stare. I just told another cashier just forget it. No apologies or manager responding.

You guys hire idiots that can't read the change given on the receipt. And when they're wrong they still can't do it correctly. Nobody stepped forward to correct this. I still haven't received my correct change.

After this i'm putting pics with this story on all my social medias that Costco hires idiots if i don't receive a decent reply. If i was given a free item, or even the money correctly due to me no problem, you guys just pocketed the difference.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Costco Pros: Food items offered.

Costco Cons: Poor customer service.

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You expect a free item over 11 cents? At a Costco?

You have got to be some greedy son of a *** Honestly....

Did you ever think even though the receipt says change and tax that he wasn't trained correctly? Go ahead, just blame the kid for it.


Wow. Unbelievable what people will complain about.

Hope you can still pay your rent now.


Are you seriously making this big of a fuss over eleven cents? If you're that hard up you probably shouldn't be buying a luxury item like pizza anyway.

I understand wanting your correct change back, but getting this upset and calling the cashier names is just out of line. I highly doubt anyone is going to pocket your eleven cents, either.

I'm sure it was an honest mistake, which everyone makes, and got blew it out off proportion which flustered the cashier thus causing him to make additional errors. If I were a manager at this store I would certainly respond to your complaint: by escorting you out and canceling your membership.


Lol! They dont give you change by looking at your receipt.

And I highly doubt anyone is interested in pocketing your few pennies, if indeed you were given the incorrect change. It is not worth the manager's time to respond to either, unless of course your nonsense behavior at the register was grounds to remove you from his store.

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