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I had very bad experience in Salem, Oregon Costco this afternoon at around 5 PM on 06/18/2016. She had threw the Chicken packet I had purchased.

And she yelled at me for not putting the chicken (two- already in the bag) in the in the plastic bag. I didn't realized that was mandatory. Nobody ever told me to put in plastic bag before.

I have never get yelled like this in my life.

And this Cashier Name Boby had showed her attitude repeatedly in the past. I would take this seriously, and will see if she does again again before I take any legal action, if it is discrimination/racism since I am not being Caucasian

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Costco Cons: Bad customer service, Shame on you costco, Idiotic service desk.

  • Poor Cutomer Service In Costco
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Cashier named,Nina,at Costco on Hawthorne in Salem Oregon was very rude- She asked if I wanted a box and I said, "Yes, I can't carry all the items", she laughed and said " well have fun" and began ringing up another customer's items. I was shocked. I don't know what is wrong with this woman but she is hateful and I can't believe someone like this is working there- it looks like there have been other complaints about her-


I would REALLY like you to go to her superior and advise them of this. NEVER should any customer be treated like this EVER and this is NOT normal.

This is the opposite of how any normal "Costco" employee normally behaves. ...unfortunately about 3 years ago I experience something similar here in Arizona. I went to a manager and told them everything. They were so apologetic, offered me lunch, gas, and we're just SOO sorry!

That employee I complained to them about hasn't been seen there since. So my incident must not have been the 1st time.

You need to make management aware of this. We pay to shop there and experience the great customer service that makes it "Costco." They don't know unless you tell them!


If this cashier has been rude before why do you go to her line again and again?


you are racist for thinking it was because you are not white.

people are people, doesnt matter the color of the skin.

think it more of a person who doesnt value their job or respect to customers. you should have complained to the manager like a normal person does and not blame it on the color of your skin!

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