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I purchased the above pass to enjoy the sights in Chicago...MISTAKE!!!...Pass was not as advertised in the Costco website...The tour I wanted was not included though clearly indicated in the website and there was no warning that it would take me 2 to 2 1/2 hours everytime I wanted to use the pass. I used 3 of the 4 attractions which were all NOT great and called Costco online to explain the problem and get my money back since I purchased the pass for this tour specifically.

I spoke to customer service, a supervisor and a manager Mark Leduc 613 221 2054 with NO resolution. They offered me $20 for the 1 attraction I did not use but I pointed out that Costco's policy was satisfaction or money refunded if there was still some product left where as Mr.

Leduc's response was that it is also Costco's policy to refund my membership if I am dissatisfied. He would not let me speak to anyone else but basically told me if I am unhappy I can leave Costco...THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE...GREAT CUSTOMER RELATIONS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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They won't do a full refund if you used it. Do you know how many people would buy it, then get it refunded?

People try that with gift cards, they use 49.50 out of a 50 card for a restaurant and want refunds all the time. Quit trying to get stuff for free and like the man said, you can always get your membership refunded


Costco's customer service is as you describe. The in-store staff in Louisville was confrontational, escalated a minor situation, and turned what could have been settled with an apology into me wanting to give up my membership.

You might call corporate or speak to a manager face to face in store about your experience in Chicago.

That might not help though as I did both and Costco did not offer an adequate accommodation.


Why should anyone have to apologize ? Just cuz u r a member and they are ur peasants ????? Maybe we should find out where u work and come hassle u

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