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On november the 10th and my grandmother the most precious thing we had left passed due to ill health .At first we were getting the coffin from costco's to save money but, when u order a coffin from costco's u'll never receive it is what we found out at the last minute, and a day before the funeral too awful experience!!! they blamed the whole ordeal on me and my mom claiming mean-gly unappologeticly , sarcastically, nastily racistly, unmooved , not affectionly , ever from the universal casket people , not even mentioning the costco's worker's whom are all *** even the manager at cicero 73rd location in chicago, south west side --donna , mike they were customer service and were some dumb son of a bitc@@!'s not even making any sense why a 49 hr.period is two day's and blaming us the customer's for a casket never delivered which was orered well ahead of time yet we hr's away from it the service, would never see it!!

to all u wondering how it felt ?i wish i had a gun that day another slaughter is what would had happened! but it didn't i remained cool and is about to leave this site and callthe better business and attorney general's office to hurt the business whether myself u know please .

u all please listen dnt go to costco's 4 sh@@t!!! thanks sincerely a vistim of inprofessional ***'s and worthless goods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stay away from costco's!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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You sound nuts and your post is incoherent. Are you illiterate or just ignorant and crazy?

I agree with BobKnowItAll...

you need to seek help. Threatening to kill people because of a shipping issue with a coffin is not normal.


This post is so poorly written that I honestly am not sure what you are saying. I hope your complaint to the BBB and/or Attorney General is better written. Otherwise, your complaint will not be taken seriously.


I understand your loss, but maybe you should seek some help. The urge to kill people isn't a sane one.

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