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I am writing this email with great disgust as well as heart-felt emotion for your company! I have been a loyal member to your store for over 20+ years .

I have had my business posted as Business-of-the-Month, and have always (usual) had a good experience with Costco except for this past month!!! Like many other professionals, I have temporarily fallen on difficult times to the point were I have enlisted on some reliability to government food aide, or EBT. I have had MORE THAN ONCE this month, two of your customer service cashiers resound "EBT" while in line at checkout! Let us not even concentrate on the uneducated ignorance for the two, let's concentrated more on professionalism!

Costco has brilliantly established customers with median incomes well above 40k a year. With this, you like many other business, have an obligation to parallel your business model with that, like the reputation, acquired. Therefore, I expect to leave your store with the same amount of DIGNITY that was internal before entering your store; not be embarrassed or ostracized due to the incompetence of your training regime! Like you, Whole Foods, PCC, and other high-end groceries have agreed to EBT transactions.

So why should I, a MBA graduate, be made to feel like I am the cause that factored a recessed economy!? I would expect this type of bass-awards antics from the $1 store, Walmart, or even Safeway, but from YOU!!!! REALLY! You must understand, I admire Costco for so many reasons, so imagine having someone you love come home and tell you they no longer see you as important because you cannot provide the same level of prestige to which they have become accustomed - in other words, your insignificant!

For the amount of compensation you pay your staff, can you not PLEASE TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYERS TO be more PROFESSIONAL?

In your defense, you cannot train common sense or lack thereof.....that is why you should pay close attention to feedback like mine, even as unfortunate as it! *

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Costco Cons: Horrible customer service, Cashier.

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IF you are as well educated as you say you are, why don't you know that this isn't the web site for Costco? You are on a general complaint site.

As far as feeling embarrassed using your EBT card goes, and I highly doubt that the cashier loudly announces EBT as you check out. Are you aware that there are people who don't know what EBT is? On the other hand as far as feeling embarrassed is concerned, a lot will depend on how you are dressed, you can dress in your oldest, work in the yard clothes and people will think you are really low income, or if you dress in your business clothes, you could be shopping for somebody that is on EBT and is house bound. When I was a young mother and real judgemental I was in a store getting a few groceries and the lady ahead of me in the check out line was gorgeously dressed, real fur coat, beauty shop hair, heels, really nice jewelry and nice manicure.

When I went out to my car she was loading her cart full of groceries into a brand new Cadillac, with dealer license. When I got home and described her to my husband, who due to his job knew a lot about most of the people in the town where we lived. He told me that the woman I had seen was indeed wealthy and that she was shopping for a woman in her church that was completely housebound. Once a week she would go and visit the lady, do whatever shopping the woman needed and prepare some meals for the lady that could easily be reheated.

There is a very good possibility that you and your family member need to develop thicker skins.