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I bought an HP laptop in Sept 2017. After doing a forced update, I began having problems.

This was Oct 9, 2018, and I called the conceirge hotline for troubleshooting. I was on the phone for 29 mins and 37 secs. The diagnostic tests indicated a hard drive problem, I was told, but the department that handles that is closed for the day. I was told to call back on blah blah day during blah blah time.

Yeah I dont remember because I was exhausted by that time. I called back on Oct 12 , 2018 at 2:10pm to try to speak w someone about rectifying the hard drive problem. This is when the absurdity started. I had to give all the same info, and then I was told that i would have to mail it in for repair and that everything on it would be lost do I understand and consent.

I stated yes, and asked if they would be reloading everything that came on the laptop at time of purchase. I kept getting a circle answer from the rep that they dont load any software for me to which I repeatededly asked will it have on it the same thing it had when I bought it....i got varying answers of i dont know, manufacfurer ready, we dont load anything, to its not our responsibilty for about 10 mins. I finally just had to say that it didnt matter if they didnt load the programs back on it as it was bought, so they would send a box for repair. I asked how long this would take...2-3 business days for a box, and then 10-15 business days for a repair, and 2-3 days for return shipping.

So, 14-21 business days for a small business owner w no laptop is basically a month....horrible. Well, my box was supposed to arrive no later than 10/17. On 10/16, I received a voicemail and text from Kiki stating that i would receive the box the next day by end of day. I was ready.

On the 17th, no box was delivered. On the 18th, I receive a voicemail and text stating that the box was not delivered to my house on 10/17, but was delivered to a UPS store near my home on 10/18 and I had 7 days to pick it up and send in my laptop. Well, on 10/19 I go to the UPS store and they have no tracking info on anything in my name, they have no package in my name or address, no record of anything being left there, etc. I called Costco Conceirge immediately and explained everything.

I was told that there was a signature and it was there at the UPS location according to Costco. The concierge representative said she would call the UPS store to straighten it out and call me right back. One hr later, I still hadnt received a call back, so i called costco concierge again. I was on the phone for 24mins and 11 secs to hear excuses about its UPS and we cant control them, they arent answering the phone at the UPS store, and i kept asking why they couldnt overnight me another box like i asked on the first call that day.

I was told, well its after hours now so it wont process until Monday if it gets approved. I was told the rep would request and let me know what happens. On 10/20, i got a voicemail and text message stating that overnight shipping had been approved and it would go out Monday 10/22. So, if it is overnighted on 10/22, it should arrive on 10/23.

Well, the box didnt arrive on 10/23, but i did get another call from Kiki stating the box would be here on 10/24 by the end of the day. I asked well isnt that the standard 2-3 business day shipping method instead of the overnight you promised me due to the delay you caused me, and she got really snarky and said we dont control UPS and i am telling u when it will arrive. Then she said and i have to call u every 2 days for an update...in the worst customer service dont give a care attitude ever. I received the box today 10/24 at 530pm.

Great....a box with an original arrival date of 10/16-17 actually arrived on 10/24, and guess what the shipping label was for standard ups ground not overnight like i was promised due to their screw up w first box. So disappointed.....cant wait to see how long and terrible the actual repair process goes.

I will never buy another laptop from Costco...in fact i am reconsidering my membership. Sams has just as many stores and one is much closer to my house!

Product or Service Mentioned: Laptop Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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That complaint is far too long to read in its entirety, sorry. I think the moral of the story must be : Pay peanuts, get monkeys.

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