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It took me a few phone calls and time to figure out what is going on, but this is it. Bill Me Later initially started out with the 6 months deferred interest payment option on purchases over $299.

Merchants signed up and displayed the Bill Me Later logo. You, the purchaser, signed up with Bill Me Later who either accepted or rejected you and gave you a credit limit. ( I have been using Bill Me Later for over 2 years with no issue). You were billed for the purchase through Bill Me Later, and got the deferred interest if you paid off the purchase within the time frame.

Now, enter PayPal, who recently purchased Bill Me Later. If you select Bill Me Later now, you go to the PayPal site and enter through your password. Here is the catch: merchants, COSTCO, are using Bill Me Later as a separate payment option, BUT it is now a credit card with a 19.99% interest rate if balance is not paid within 30 DAYS! You think you are getting a deferred 6 month interest, but ONLY if the merchant has done a promotion, which COSTCO IS NOT.

Be very careful in using Bill Me Later, as COSTCO is very deceptive in its use. I got stuck for a $850 bill this way, and COSTCO would not acknowlege or fix the problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Credit Card.

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Had the exact situation with Bill Me Later and Costco last month, made a $786.00 purchase with Costco, used Bill Me Later to have the six month no interest option, received my monthly statement with the whole amount due that month or face interest. I called BML and was told I was out of luck, pay the balance or pay interest.

Paid it in full and cancelled my BML account. Deceptive ripoff company.

John N

Great letter. I am sure there are many in this audience who can use your heads-up advice.

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