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I am a someone who frequents Costco on both a personal and business basis. From our business we decided to try the merchant services provided by Costco partner Elevon.

While it offers competitive rates, the equipment cost was high. Additionally, when we didn't receive all of the equipment, we were told there was an additional cost. We quickly cancelled before even using the service. It has taken over 3 months to get a refund, even though equipment and account was cancelled within 48 hours.

After 30 days I called to ask about my refund and they claimed I hadn't sent in the equipment. Luckily I had the tracking number and they verified they did indeed have it. Another month later and I still didn't have a refund, instead they charged me a monthly fee. Another call to them and I was told my account was closed and I'd get a refund.

Another month later my refund arrived along with a new charge of $95. A series of intentional delay tactics along with a rediculous charge of $95. I was told we would not be responsible for these fees when I cancelled, especially since I didn't even use the equipment or service. When I called about the $95 fee I was told that they didn't have any documentation on a refund, then I was told it was a different department, then when I asked to speak with a supervisor (in the same dept) I was told "The charge stands." Wow, what amazing service.

What a terrible partner for Costco. Terrible, unprofessional, service.

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My Costco/Elavon complaint is similar.

Requested information and filled out the form in July. Once equipment arrived, it was immediately noticed that it wouldn't work with any of our Macintosh computers (would have been nice if their documentation stated somewhere that it only works with PC based systems). Immediately called Elavon, took a few months to finally receive the box to send the unused equipment back. Have been back and forth with them since July for the refund (they kept charging the montly fee to our account as well!). It's now December and I've got a call and email in to them again, as nothing (over $400 now) has been reimbursed.

Extremely disappointed, very unprofessional service. Costco shouldn't be dealing with them!

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