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just called to get the money I earned last year and they told me that i lost it because I closed their account. Did not close Costco but will now. Wonder how much Citibank paid Costco for the rights to screw people. It is bad enough you get no service and prices are not that great when you consider the amount you have to buy,and you can get through customs faster then the store line on the weekend. I will never spend another dime at this store...
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I called the new visa credit card customer service number and asked if there was a foreign transaction fee. He said there wasn't any. After my trip I noticed they charged my card a 3% foreign transaction fee! I called again and all they said was, not our fault if you were misled by one of our agents! and the lady hanged up on me! Way to go Costco! Way to go City bank! Next Time I go on a trip I will use my Sams club credit card. I asked them and...
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Costco Anywhere Credit Card Review

Costco Anywhere Visa: I received a bill with $25 late fee and interest for a statement I never received. Same thing happened to my father in May. After speaking to citi and costco, I canceled the citi account. Fed up with citi and costco. Costco picked the worst of the bottom feeders to do business with.