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A asian man with a buzz cut on the second floor threatened to punch me for taking a demo and he even had the audacity to verbally attack me with vulgar language .I am an executive gold card holder using costco as a supplier however after this experience I have half mains to sue this man and the company. I looked at his name tag which said "Ben" but he said in a "that isn't even my name".

Now this asian man was either a liar or using a fraudulent id. For a company like Costco to allow this man to continue working is beyond me. His role was to serve samples of candy and I wanted to simply test if the product was actually worth putting in my market, yet all I was given was an attitude and cursing and threats of assault. After that I decided to leave and drive to Jetro.

However I still hope that Costco will terminate this employee's job as I wish to come back to a non threatening environment to buy my supplies. If I see this man threatening me or assaulting me the next time I come here, I guarentee a law suit on your hands.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Really. I cannot imagine anyone speaking badly to a customer wanting a sample.

In our store we are trained tp say NOTHING but smile no matter what the situation is.

The CDS manager is responsible for that employee. He/she hired that person.

Costco really has nothing to do with who we hire.

I suppose if it is brought to their attention then they wil bring to CDS Manager.

Sorry to hear!


oh lord...the litigious complaint....again. Folks...for the love of pete, know what you are talking about.

Good luck finding a lawyer that will suggest you could prevail under circumstances such as this but you would find a lawyer to take your money. Here is a fact. You have to have damages to prevail in a lawsuit. Just how were you damaged here?

you got called out for being a hoarder. PLEASE.

Stop the lawsuit threats, they only show your ignorance of how that all works. LOL!


Costco doesn't own the demos, it is a separate company called CDS (Club Demonstration Services).

Their on location boss will have an office in the store.

File a complaint with the CDS boss and then inform Costco that a CDS employee verbally assaulted you. Costco will then file their own complaint with CDS.


The demo people work for other compnaies. If I am reading your poorly-written complaint correctly, this man was sampling candies.

You helped yourself to the candies, presumably without asking or waiting to be served. Although not stated, I am going to guess that you probably took way more than your fair share. I don't believe the employee then said he would hit you. I believe a lot more was said than that, especially on your part.

I notice you made no mention of alerting management or the police. A normal shopper who had done nothing wrong, would have cotacted SOMEBODY! I would love to hear the other side to this story. For furthe reference, when you see someone in a store providing samples, you ask politely to be served one.

You do NOT grab at the samples and help yourself.

How rude! And by the way, how do you arrive at the figure of a $1,500 loss?


Before you insult the grammar of others, you should check your own. I can easily spend over 500 for my small restaurant so 1500 isn't really that outrageous. Suing seems going a little too far, just notify the manager if you haven't already.

@Kirkland is hip

Hold on folks! We got a rich, free spending billy b@dass over here


I think I understand why he wanted to punch you.

Your paper tiger lawsuit threats mean nothing. I doubt you could afford to take them to small claims court let alone hire an attorney over some frivolous BS.

What would your claim be? "I was bútt hurt and now want a bunch of money"?

btw, just how many pieces of candy did you take before something was said?

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