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This is not the first time I have an issue with Costco Canoga Park. The personal are not qualified to attend customers. They are in general impolite and some of them very rude.

I think Costco Corporation should re-evaluate the store manager called David Bob Holden.

This September 2014 the coupon book has a discount for ink refill, and I went to the store with my 2 cartridges. I've already did that before. "Refill while you are shopping" says the propaganda in the coupon book. I was there before the open hours about 9.30 am because I needed urgently the ink by 11:30am and when I made my order, the front desk man told me come back at 1 pm; obviously I said I couldn't invest another 2 hours going back and forth, for 2 refills, and that I needed them urgently; he replied he had a lot of work to do and he couldn't do it before 1pm. Then I asked him, what happened with the adv “Refill while you are shopping” and he answered “It is only for pictures”. Then I went to the front desk and asked for the manager; an employee answered he was absent for that day and sent me to the manager in charge called Robert. I explained my situation and he make the refills possible. But when I got home they didn't work; I made refills several times before and they all worked, why not this time?, so I needed to come back to Costco after all; investing hours driving, angry, upset and the worst I couldn't send my document.

There was another incident some months ago with the station of cell phone provider. I went there for a transfer of contacts from one telephone to another. The man in there told me he was attending another customer and I should go to shopping and return. I already had made my shopping, so I waited,.... waited for more than an hour and he was aware I was there waiting, he was attending only one customer. Finally, I said "It was too much waiting time" and he replied in a very rude way "I should go to another store because he couldn't attend me”; Then I looked for somebody to complain and then I got the manager in charge. He did not even hear me, he told me he needed to solve a problem with a slice of pizza and he sent me to another employee. When we got to the stand of phones, the man was still attending the same customer, who had made a good acquisition; we waited for another 15 minutes and then he did the transfer that took 2 minutes. The lady who represented the manager told me that they have to follow the rules and attend the customer according of coming. So I had to wait 2 hours for a transfer of 2 minutes? It’s only common sense Costco! the employee should have called for help, or ask permission to the customer he was attending, to make a service of 2 minutes.

And another incident with the Optometrist, who is always in rush and preoccupied on invest only 15 minutes/client. It was my first time for contacts and I didn't receive any recommendation from him. I looked for all the information in internet. And the secretary was the same; not any courtesy at all, she does not even looked at me to talk.

I was thinking, perhaps, this is kind of stereotype from the employees? what do they think? we, latin people don't deserve courtesy or politeness?

I tell to the directives of Costco “With this kind of policy and those kind of employees; your business is not going in a good way and you are going to lose customers.

Costco member #: 111763507654

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Recommend strongly class of customer service to the employees..

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My experience has been great when visiting Costco in Canoga Park. If I'm in a rush or expecting express service on a busy day - at any Costco, then it's not gonna happen.


Wow everyone should drop everything they are doing to make eye contact with you smile at you and now down to your requests :)) because you are such a royalty. I m sure even they won't be allowed inside costco without a membership card.

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