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The Costco car wash in Oxnard California put a sizable chip on the drivers side door of my car.I noticed the chip immediately when I got home but I became ill and was unable to follow up for a approximately a week and a half.

I went in yesterday and originally told the manager what happened I wanted her to know that something was wrong with the machine. She encouraged me to submit an incident report. When I submitted an incident report the claims representative took all of fifteen minutes to determine that they were not going to fix it.

BEWARE ANYONE WHO USES THE CAR WASH AT COSTCO GET OUT AND CHECK YOUR CAR IMMEDIATELY!They are in the assumption that their car wash is perfect I have a damaged car that indicates they're not.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Thank you for your sharing your unfortunate experience.I just noticed the L for Lexus on the driver side of my rims are damaged.

This could only have happened at Costco Car Wash.

Am also sick about this and considering the useless time of filing a complaint.Nevertheless, I will file!

Oxnard, California, United States #574324

This really happened to my car.I wrote this because I am upset in how Costco handled the situation.

I understand that some people would consider this to be a BS story. I assure you this is not. I wanted to share my experience because after all buying a nice car can be costly and I know that I want to protect my investment as long as possible by taking care of it. I have learned my lesson, from know on I will wash my own car.

Maybe my situation is rare and not the norm.Thank you all for reading my post.

to prfJolie Camarillo, California, United States #652126

This happened to me too at the same store and got the same result. I contacted my insurance company. You should do the same and I recommend that we should file a lawsuit together.


I can appreciate your comment. I too have seen small scratches after using the car wash and have never said anything. This time it took off a noticible amount of paint down to the metal.


This is a Great warning!

However I would be surprised if my car wasn't dinged by this type of carwash.

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