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I have been a Costco member for 25 years. I recently returned an item without a receipt and even though I have a Costco credit account they would not refunded to my account but instead gave me a Costco Cash card in the amount of $650

The Costco Cash card says it is the same as cash and not to lose it. Mine was stolen from my purse. As soon as I realized it was gone I called Costco gave them the cash card number and they informed me that the card has been used at another local store by another Costco member.

We could identify the Costco member who used the stolen card they could identify when and where he thought the items that refuse to give me any information about him.

Costco would rather protect a member using a stolen Costco Cash card then protect the rights of the person the card was stolen from.

Beware of the costco cash card. Costco is currently promoting a campaign to use the costco cash card but it offers absolutely no protection to whoever purchases the costco cash card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Did you contact the corporate office?


They gave you a square refund and you lost it or had it stolen. All Costco's fault!


Well... if you're *** enough to get it stolen then you deserve it.

If you lost the d*mn cash you would be SOL anyways ***.

Blaming a company for your stupidity... smh god bless the mentally incompetent


The problem is for whatever reason they would not credit her credit card. Had they done that, there would be no issue. Refunds are supposed to be given in the same manner they were purchased.


They can't give out personal info on people. Be patient, they will look into it.

I guarantee you they put a block on the persons card and the next time they shop, they will get pulled into the lost prevention room with the police on the way. Plus, it also could have been purchased off of craigslist and be an innocent person.


They have no proof that you didn't try to steal it from the other member.

They can't take your word over the other members.

Stop whining about things that are common sense.


Except.... I have a receipt for the costco cash card with the costco cash card number on it. Whine


My suggestion is make sure u talk face to face with a manger , keep your receipt handy and bug them atleast a few times a week. That's the only way to make sure u get your money back.


And they really should give u the information about this other member because they don't know for sure if he/she is a thief and also even if this member stole your card their information will be shared with the police not you.

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