Gatineau, Quebec
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Horrible customer service. Will never shop their again.

My husband and I have been members for years. Same with all of my family and friends. They treated my sister like *** because even though she was with us (a paying member) she wasn't allowed to pay by debit. She was visiting the store to see what it was all about and maybe get her own membership.

After this experience I think myself and all my family will cancel ours and never return. Cashier was arrogant and supervisor should be fired!

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

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The agreement said that memberships are nontransferable. Follow the rules.

Sorry, they just enforced them, and you got caught.

Would you be mad at a cop if you broke a rule? Idiot.


Why should they change the policy just for you? It is very well known that the member can pay for the guest or they can pay CASH and only CASH. Why are you upset with the cashier and supervisor for doing there job?


Perhaps the cashier & supervisor should try to sell the guest a membership instead of turning them away. Last time I checked, the more customers you have, the more you make.


I spend my money here, therefore i can do what i want! I love shutting down people who want to do things against policy.


Oh and y do u suppose ur sister who is not a member be allowed to pay ? U need to be a member to shop at costco.

Non members are guests and if u bring in a guest u pay for them.

Everytime that debit machine gets used the company has to pay a transaction fees which is fine if a member avails that service but y should costco increase their costs for non members??

And mostly corporations pass on their increased expenditures on to their customers ie you and me in form of increased membership fees. Take your pick?

And I m sure the cashier and supervisor are perfectly happy to not have u shop there anymore. Don't need rude and ignorant people like urself out and about in the world, strictly remain in ur house where u can make ur own policies and follow them.....

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