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I'm a Costco member since 2003? I couldn't remember the exact years, but it's been a long time.

I'm always happy with Costco because of the service that they provided it, the products that they carried, and many other good things. However, tonight, on 10/14/2016, I walked out from Costco which located in camel mountain with my body shakes and dysphasia because of the way the cashier treated me and my family. Let me tell you what happened, I was shopping with my family, my mom, my husband and my daughter tonight at Costco Carmel mountain location. My mom is also a Costco member but who didn't bring her membership card, and she doesn't speak much English.

I told my mom that I can pay, but she insisted to pay herself. As many people may know, Asian people likes to fight to pay the bills, and they will pull out their cards or money to ask cashier take from them. Therefore, my mom pulled out her visa card and standing in line and can't wait the cashier to swipe her card. At the same time, I passed my card (membership card and credit card in one) to the cashier, and he first asked me if this going to be a separated order, I told him yes and which items will be the first order and so on.

I didn't think this will be a problem because I do this all the time due to I shop for the business and my family. I'd like to get the receipts separately. Then, the cashier asked me if my mom is a member, I told him that this is my mom. I didn't even get a chance to explain that my mom also a member, it just she didn't bring her membership card with her.

The cashier started to telling me that my mom is not a member and she can't shop in Costco. I was shocked by his attitude and I'm not sure if he's a racist or what, but you can tell by his body language, the way he talks to you, the way he looked at you, and I have to say that I never had this kind of experience in Costco. I don't get it where this coming front. Anyway, I wasn't happy but I don't want to talk to him anymore, so I told him that I'm going to pay with my card.

Then, he said that Costco don't do separate orders anymore. That's just a huge lie! I would like to find out since when?! I bet many small business owners would like to separate their orders instead of going to Costco twice if it fits in one shopping cart!

I told him that I want a separate order, and my husband is a member too, and he can pay for it. Finally he agreed to do it by let my husband swipe his card and also give me a "***" look at the same time. English is my second language and I'm not a good writer, and in most of time, I'm a silent, very conservative people, but I don't deserve this, to be treated like this.

I'm very disappointed with Costco. People who paid for their memberships don't want this kind of experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I too am just sitting here in disbelief that someone would be called a racist for asking a simple question in pursuit of just doing their job!


Why are you calling the cashier racist? He asked you a simple question: Is your mother a Costco member?

To which you could have simply responded Yes or No. But instead you chose not to answer his question and say This is my mother, which has nothing to do with the question asked. It sounds like you were being uncooperative and difficult in the checkout lane.

Blame yourself for the drama you created. There was no racism there.

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