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Dear Sir/Madam,

On 17th December 2013, I purchased groceries from your store in Brossard that costs 448.47 CAD.

However during the payment process, there was a problem with your electronic payment machine, and the first transaction was cancelled, and I have to swipe my card again.

When I checked my American express card I realized that 448.47 was charged twice to me. Accordingly I raised the concern with American express. American express took that money in suspense account and I was hoping for the refund. But refund was cancelled because Costco sent them sealed envelope with grocery list with cost for 448.47.

I agree I did shopping for the value of 448.47 but you charged me 896.94.

I want my 448.47 CAD from Costco.

You have technology to see that one of the transaction were cancelled, you have the cameras in your store to verify the same.

I did sign for one bill not two, if Costco can provide me with two signed copies for that transaction than I will agree to it. But that can’t happen because one of the transaction was cancelled that I did not sign and other that went through that only I signed.

Please help me.

Monetary Loss: $448.

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Yes, take the receipt to the Membership/Refund desk at the front of the warehouse, and ask them for the credit back to your card.


Talk to Costco about it. This isn't a support thread for Costco. Its a review site.

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