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Please be very careful when ordering flowers for a special occasion from Costco.com. Due to the nature of flowers they need to arrive 1 or 2 days before the big event to be fresh and yet allow time for arrangement.....if they don't come you will be left with very few options for replacement.

I ordered flowers for my daughters wedding at Costco.com and was told via a phone conversation that they would arrive on time. They didn't and I had to get what Safeway had available at 9:30pm the night before the wedding (we had a rehearsal and dinner so it was late before I knew they hadn't arrived).

Costco.com's response was pretty much 'well you weren't charged for the flowers so I guess we'll just say sorry about that and have a nice day'. :/ grrrrr

PS the wedding was beautiful, Safeway flowers were just as pretty and actually less expensive that what I had ordered from Costco.com.....I recommend NOT using Costco.com for flowers

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you ordered wedding flowers from a big box retailer? you are an ***!


You get what you paid for


:sigh :( :x

Brenda - I'm so sorry to hear about your wedding flowers experience!!! I love Costco - but I know first hand that their website and stores are not connected. There are probably 3 middle men between your flower order and what you eventually receive. If anyone else finds this - I'm ordering my wedding flowers from www.growersbox.com.

Sarah A.


When did you think you were going to be charged for the flowers? Cause when I order something online (anything for that matter), I am always charged before the item arrives at my doorstep.

It seems that this should have sent up a red flag in your mind. Just a thought.

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