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I absolutely never, ever thought I would be writing a complaint about Costco however, times change.

I am a loyal, 20+ year Executive member of Costco Warehouses and have been purchasing a decent volume of household items, office electronics and other supplies using COSTCO.COM. In short, between my wife and myself our Costco membership gets a workout. Below is my latest experience with COSTCO.COM:

Yesterday morning COSTCO.COM started cancelling my orders without any explanation.

I placed my first order yesterday at 11:13 AM Pacific for a laptop and received a confirmation email. At 12:27 PM I received an email from stating “Order Cancelled.” There was no explanation included and no request for a callback, nothing.

Hmmm, I thought maybe something went wrong in their system so I placed another order for the same item at 1:58 PM. At 3:25 PM I received another cryptic email from stating “Order Cancelled.” Again without any specific explanation, nothing.

At this point I am frustrated so I called COSTCO.COM Customer Service. OMG, was I disappointed? Customer Service used to be Costco’s flagship service. To say that my experience left a lot to be desired would be very generous. I spent the next hour or so on the phone first with the CSR then with her Supervisor and all that they could share with me was that in order to push my order 3rd order through their “Order Support Team” needed additional information such as my DoB, address, etc.

By now, I am REALLY frustrated. Not only because I had to reach out to them and spend close to 3 hrs of my time, but also because had their Order Support Team bothered to look in my account history they would have seen that I had placed an order for the same item a week ago, shipped and delivered to the same address (the address that is on my account) and was paid for using the same CC without any problems.

All in all, once I provided the additional information they were "gracious enough" to process the order, by using the same information that I provided on all three orders today and on the order from last week.

Lastly, they were unable, or unwilling, to tell me what caused my order cancellations.

WAY TO GO COSTCO.COM - You've succeeded at pushing one of your loyal customers away.

P.S. I know that my / our membership purchasing history is imperceptible on Costco’s P&L however, I will let my money do the talking.

Product or Service Mentioned: Costco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Use smarter systems that compare order address to previously placed orders and account information..

Costco Cons: Incompetent csrs and inexplicable online order cancellations.

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