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I ordered an item from to be delivered to my Mother, who lives about 15 miles outside the nearest city, Grants Pass, Oregon. Additionally, she lives another 3 miles off the Interstate 5. This item is NOT stocked in my local warehouse, or I would have purchased it and delivered it to her myself. Since that is not an option, I ordered it online and shipped it out. The lazy UPS driver chose to "deliver" my mom's parcel to the General Store in Wolf Creek, another 5 miles from my Mom's home. She is elderly and does not drive. I called to complain to UPS and they told me that it was common practice and common knowledge in the area to deliver all packages for that rural area to the General Store and the local people are supposed to know this and come pick up their packages for themselves. My Mom's address and telephone number were clearly printed on the outside of the parcel and yet no one called her to tell her that her package was being delivered to the General Store instead of her home.

The customer service operator named Rebecca, and her manager Rhonda, both told me that UPS is their "preferred carrier" for delivery of their parcels. I told her if that was preferred method, maybe they should reconsider that decision, since this is an epic fail on their part, and one of their customers is furious over this transaction. and UPS practices disrespected my Mom personally, disrespected me as the customer and I am furious!

That is not customer service and UPS did NOT follow the delivery instructions I provided to for the delivery of my parcel! Not only is this disrespectful for our Senior Citizens, it's theft by delivery!

I asked the Manager on the phone today, if this was one of the more expensive items I had ordered from, such as the $800. security system I just ordered at my house, and what if it was stolen by the an employee of the General Store after the UPS driver released it to the Store Clerk, and they said they would just replace my stolen item, and she further said that if this was a $60,000 ring, and it was stolen by UPS delivering it to the General Store instead of the delivery address that they would replace it! Seriously, that is what I was told by customer service rep Rebecca Operator # 5105, and her manager Rhonda Operator #5083!

I went on to inform her that I had spent thousands of dollars with and my local Costco Warehouse and I pay her wages. She told me it means nothing to her or to Costco as to how much I spend at Costco in any manner and that this has nothing to do with my complaint about the delivery to my Mom's house and I disagree. I informed her that at the moment of delivery of my item, UPS is the face of and their customer service is appalling! I told her that this disastrous deliver might just cost her my membership and said she DID NOT CARE!

My Mom's house is not hard to find. My Grandmother purchased that house before I was even born in 1960 and it's the house I grew up in. UPS and FedEx both have delivered to this address for as long as I can remember - right to my Mom's front door, but now all of a sudden they won't deliver.

If I did my job like this, I would be fired and I think this is unacceptable behavior by customer service, and by the UPS driver!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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That is because the UPS drivers have been "privatized," Own there own cars and are "independent contractors" m not employees. Thanks to Wall Street, multinational corporations and the Republican party. Good Luck with that!


Read a book and relax


Get over yourself and take it up with UPS not Costco. They have item trackers now if word ever was received in your old *** town.


I did take it up with UPS, and they tried to argue that "this is standard practice, and common knowledge in this area" when it is not. I contacted many friends in this area and it is not standard practice, nor is it common knowledge.


I had a follow up conversation with both UPS and Costco, and both agree this was an epic fail on their part! :eek

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